XWave: Claire

Neither of us could quite believe that this was going to happen. I sat in the bath, soaping my cock as it craned out of the water, aroused by the thought of events to come. Claire had already had her bath and was in the bedroom getting herself ready. I didn't linger - I just couldn't wait to see how she was looking. My heart was thumping so God knows how she was feeling. I slipped my boxer shorts on, tucking my still erect penis in, and left the bathroom. The bedroom door was shut so I knocked before entering. Claire had her back to me. 'Are you done?' I asked. 'Just about', she replied. 'Come on then', I said, 'give us a twirl.' She turned to face me. She looked absolutely stunning. She'd had her hair coloured and styled during the day, and she wore more make-up than usual, including red lipstick. She was wearing a top that she'd ordered from the XWave website, a 'wonder top' in light blue that somehow contrived to make her 38DD boobs look even bigger - her cleavage was fantastic. She wore a short black skirt, black tights and brand new high heels, and looking at her I just wanted to rip her clothes off her and fuck her there and then. She looked like a movie star - and I supposed that was what she was going to be.

I got dressed and we sat in the living room. We sank a bottle and a half of wine between us as we waited. Claire was extremely nervous. I tried to say reassuring things but the whole situation was surreal. Half an hour seemed to pass in minutes ... then there was a knock at the door. Claire took a deep breath, squealed 'Oh God!' and went to answer it. I followed her into the hallway. Sure enough, at the door were the two guys from XWave, black canvas bags slung over their shoulders. One was a pretty average-looking middle-aged guy, the other a good-looking dark bloke probably in his early thirties, a couple of years younger than me. The middle-aged bloke shook Claire's hand and introduced himself as Dave, told us his companion was Rick. They came in, shook my hand too - Claire had insisted that I was here for this session, and I'd thought that the guys might not be too happy about that, but they were perfectly friendly. Dave looked Claire up and down and said, in his London accent, 'you look gorgeous, darling', which I thought was a nice touch. We offered them drinks - I think we were both anxious to postpone the moment now it had finally arrived - but Dave and Rick politely declined and said we'd better get down to business.

I felt like an interloper as Claire led us into the bedroom. Dave and Rick put down their bags on the floor and produced from them a camcorder and a regular camera. I closed the bedroom door behind me and leaned against it as Dave asked Claire to sit on the double bed. Claire looked more nervous than ever but Dave kept paying her compliments and making cheeky comments and it seemed to lighten the atmosphere. For the first five minutes, the guys just filmed and photographed her from different angles. Dave asked her to sit with her back straight against the headboard, her legs stretched out in front of her. Claire kept her legs pressed tightly together and I was wondering, from the look in her eyes, if she might change her mind and decide that she couldn't go through with this. Dave asked her to open her legs and place her hands under her thighs, holding her legs apart. There was a flash of fear in her eyes. Dave told her to relax. Slowly Claire moved her legs apart. I took a step forward. Dave and Rick both moved in to kneel on the bed, their lenses just inches from Claire's nylon-encased black knickers. Soon she was asked to turn onto her front and gradually ease up her short skirt. More saucy remarks from Dave and a nervous giggle from Claire. There was a delicious tension in the air. Claire's eyes caught mine as she slowly edged her skirt up and her juicy bum came into view. I nodded to her, thinking how bizarre this was, my girlfriend doing the bidding of these two strangers. Next she had to flip onto her back and reach inside her tights, pulling her knickers up into the cleft of her pussy. Her hand tugged at the top of her knickers and the fabric stretched against the soft mound of her cunt. There were murmurs of approval from the cameramen.

Dave said: 'Okay Claire, if you could slowly slide the tights down now, just to your knees ...' She raised her eyes as she tucked her fingers into the waistband and slipped them down. Dave was kneeling so that his face was just a couple of inches from her pussy. I noticed Claire's vaginal muscles contract inside her knickers and I wondered how she was feeling ... scared, wishing she'd never agreed to this ... or was she turned on? The guys urged her to lose the tights completely. As she moved her legs to put her heels back on, I caught a quick glimpse of her pubic mound and so did Dave: 'Not yet, Claire, not yet, plenty of time for that later!' Claire laughed but I still couldn't properly gauge her mood. Next she had to stand on the bed with her back to us, then bend forward, pulling her skirt up to fully reveal her knickers. Then she had to pull her knickers tight again ... a flurry of fingers and both cheeks of her well-rounded bum were revealed, the cleft of her cunt split by the material. 'Oh that's good', Dave and Rick were saying, 'that's beautiful ... that's a very good shot.' They kept her in this position for a while, leaving Claire's bum and more than a hint of her pussy on display to a very appreciative audience. I could feel my cock pulsing.

'Okay', Dave said, 'let's have some nice booby shots now.' Claire adjusted her knickers and pushed her skirt back into position, then knelt on the bed facing Dave and Rick. Her tits already looked colossal, but when she placed her palms on the bed and leaned forward, I thought my cock was going to burst. Dave asked Claire to give him a sultry look. She closed her eyes and licked her lips. Her boobs had never looked bigger or better. Rick knelt on the floor filming her cleavage, while Dave stood on the bed to get what must have been a very sexy angle from above. The guys got her to lie flat on the bed with her boobs cushioned against the duvet, asked her to push them together, wobble them ... and then it was time for the top to come off. The air of anticipation was palpable. Claire, back in kneeling position on the bed, crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it over her head. Her tits bounced into view, bulging inside a very brief black bra that I hadn't seen before; the lacy material was barely covering her nipples. There were low moans of appreciation from Dave and Rick and a few near-the-knuckle comments; they were really into it now, bobbing up and down to get different angles on Claire's gorgeous tits. Then Dave moved round the bed so he was actually behind Claire, who was on all fours, and he lifted her skirt and let it rest halfway up her back. As he snapped away I noticed a bulge in the front of his jeans. Claire still looked nervous, occasionally embarrassed ... but the overriding air was one of enjoyment, excitement ... danger.

'Right Claire', Dave said, returning to his original position, 'let's get them out, shall we?' 'The moment of truth', Rick added with a grin. Dave got Claire to slip her bra straps off her shoulders, and hesitantly she reached behind her back. I heard the click of the clasp. Gradually Claire let the cups unpeel, but immediately she pressed her palms tight against her boobs, a horny sight in itself. 'Don't cover them up!' Dave said. With a look of trepidation in her eyes, Claire let her hands drop, and her unfettered tits were revealed to us all in their full glory ... heavy, round, huge orbs. Dave and Rick both cheered. 'What would you like to stick between those', Dave breathed. 'I know I would', Rick added. Claire smiled and started squeezing and kneading her boobs - I don't think she even realised she was doing it, and it indicated that she was very turned on. She wasn't the only one. She continued to caress herself as Dave turned to me and said: 'I was going to ask you to fetch us some ice cubes, mate, but I don't think there's any need.' Claire's nipples were fully erect ... I'd never seen them so big, so prominent. Dave urged her to tweak her nipples, run her fingers around them ... as she lightly pinched them, she closed her eyes and let out a gasp. Soon she was lifting each boob to her mouth, kissing and licking the nipple, staring straight at the camcorder. I felt sure the other guys must have been able to hear my heart pounding. I just wanted to grab my cock and start wanking. There was Claire, in just a short skirt and knickers, kneeling on our bed, clearly turned on, playing with her nipples in front of two strangers ... the atmosphere was electric.

I thought Claire's skirt would be next to go, but Dave had other ideas. He asked her to shuffle back up the bed, lying on her back, legs apart. Another frantic couple of minutes of filming and snapping. 'Now', Dave said, 'how about you slowly ease your knickers down, to your knees.' Claire looked nervous again - this was total exposure. I watched, captivated, as she lifted her bum and tucked her thumbs into the sides of her knickers. There was a slight twanging sound as the knickers left her pussy and slid down her legs, and the reason was very apparent. Claire was soaking wet. Her cunt looked so juicy, so open, glistening, the pinkness within hot and inviting. My hard-on was raging. Dave exhaled deeply. 'You're sopping wet, Claire', he said. 'Are you enjoying yourself? It certainly looks like you are.' Claire smiled but said nothing. 'You know what?' Dave continued, 'I'd like to lick that.' Claire's eyes were elsewhere. Dave leaned forward and for a moment I thought he was going to lick her pussy ... but he pulled her knickers further down and slipped them off one ankle. Claire was grinding her hips, her legs still wide apart, her fingers tracing shapes around her nipples and squeezing the soft flesh of her tits. 'You're really turned on, aren't you, Claire', he said. 'Yes', Claire gasped. 'I tell you what', Dave said, 'we don't want you to feel frustrated ... why don't you have a little play with yourself?' This made my heart leap, and Claire couldn't help herself. Her hand moved down to her pussy and she moaned as one finger, then two, slipped inside her wetness. She closed her eyes as her fingers probed then made circular motions around her clit. Rick, still filming, had a huge erection. My mouth was dry, my heart was dangerously fast and my hard-on was like iron. Dave's face was just above Claire's. 'I bet you'd like something big and stiff up there, wouldn't you?' He unzipped his bag. 'This should do the trick.' He produced a silver vibrator, about eight inches long, emitting a low buzz. Claire looked at me and I smiled at her. She took the vibrator and slowly moved it down her body. 'Put it in', Dave said, 'and give yourself a damn good fucking'. Claire inserted the vibrator and a satisfying squelch mingled with her cry of ecstasy ... she pumped in and out, in and out ... I stepped forward to get a better view of the vibrator plunging into her sopping hole, and as I looked at the expression of abandonment on Claire's face, her huge boobs and hard nipples, her bum-cheeks and her wet pussy, I just wanted to get inside her too.

Dave must have read my mind. 'I think she might need a bit of help there, mate.' I stripped in seconds. Claire was beaming as I tossed the vibrator from her hand and immersed my mouth in her wetness, licking and teasing her clit with my tongue. Urgently I clambered up and kissed her lips passionately, my chest bearing down on her massive tits. 'Fuck me', she breathed into my ear. I grabbed her arse cheeks roughly, and when my cock slid inside her I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. I sucked on her nipples as I thrusted and pumped. Claire stared into my eyes, then at the two guys filming behind us. Being watched as we fucked had been one of our fantasies, and now it was actually happening. Knowing that Dave and Rick were watching us was too much for me and I couldn't hold out; within a couple of minutes I unleashed what felt like a gallon of hot spunk. I kissed her again before breathlessly levering myself up, my cock still pulsing inside her. I looked to my right and saw that Dave had pushed his jeans down to his knees and was vigorously stroking his erect cock which was glistening with pre-cum. Claire licked her lips. She stared at me. I nodded. I pulled my cock out of her and she turned onto her side and took Dave's penis in her mouth, straight down to the root with a flourish ... 'Fuck, that's good', Dave hissed ... he lifted Claire's hair from her face and I watched the bulge in her cheek appear and disappear. Dave's face was a picture of ecstasy. Rick was still filming and said: 'I'm missing out here'. I held out my hand for the camcorder. I filmed Claire luxuriating in Dave's cock as Rick stripped off. His body was fit and muscular and his cock was long and thick. He gently guided her onto all fours and flipped up her skirt again, guiding his primed cock between her cunt lips. He pumped slowly, Claire moaning and gasping with every push, kneading Dave's balls with one hand, her mouth full of cock ... Dave pulled his shirt over his head, panting 'fuck yeah ...' As I watched, my dick was twitching back to life, soon bigger and harder than I'd ever seen it ... I looped my fingers around its swollen girth ... Rick's arse was grinding ... with a gasp, Claire let Dave's prick slip from her mouth and he unloaded his cream with a loud groan, splashing her face, her hair, one shoulder ... Rick pulled out too, his big dick looking like it was made of steel ... Dave gestured to me to hand him the camcorder. Claire rolled onto her back, red-faced and breathless, her boobs wobbling like jellies, her legs still wide apart and her pussy still demanding action ... Rick grabbed her legs and pulled them up so that her ankles were resting on his shoulders, then rammed his dick inside her sopping hole, pushing harder and harder, pulling out and re-entering with such f***e that Claire yelped with each thrust. Her tits bounced with each onslaught, her face was contorted with blissful pain and I just wanted to fuck her again, to fuck her all night. Rick swiftly pulled out and straddled her boobs; she pushed them together and began to tit-fuck his big nob, occasionally craning her neck forward to lick or suck the swollen tip of his shaft. I just had to fuck her again. I knelt between her legs and pushed my hard dick into her succulent cunt, pumping, pumping, knowing I'd last for longer now. We fucked like this for a long and glorious time, and the three of us climaxed simultaneously, Claire crying out and thrashing around as Rick spunked all over her face and I shot my load inside her with incredible intensity.

Dave and Rick didn't hang around afterwards. Within a week our video was on XWave ... the thought of us being watched and wanked over by so many people got us going all over again ... and it wasn't long before I was saying to Claire: 'We should try something like that again one day ...'

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