My first time

I was 15 and had snuc out for a party. I was walking home around 2 am. I was about three blocks from my house when this lady called me over from her porch. A little reluctant cause I didn't know her, I kept walking by. She called out again and said, "do you want your parents to know you're out this late?"... So I walked over to her.
She invited me in for a drink. I wasn't about to turn down a free drink (typical teen). We were sitting in the dining room at the table. She went to the fridge and bent over to grab a couple beers. That's when I noticed she was not wearing panties. I gasped. I had never seen a woman not wear underwear. She heard must have heard me cause she stood upright quickly and handed me the beer with a sensual grin.
As I sat there and drank my beer, she reached down for my zipper and pulled it down slowly while keeping her eyes fixed on my eyes. I didn't move. I was stunned. She pulled my dick out now throbbing and full of feelings I had not experienced yet. She got on her knees and thrust my shaft deep in her throat. I could feel her lips touch my balls. I got light headed and just before I felt like I was going to cum, she suddenly stopped. She stood up and pulled my chair away from the table. Then she straddled me in the chair. I thought it felt too tight for a pussy. She had me deep in her ass. Riding up and down and kissing me violently. I moaned loudly giving away that I was close to cumming. She turned her whole body around and changed from her ass to her warm wet pussy. I came soo hard. She got off me and started sucking my dick again, licking up the cum from my shaft and balls.
That was my first time and it was never topped.
89% (36/4)
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3 years ago
3 years ago
great ,thanks,,
3 years ago
nice quickie LOL
3 years ago
I wish I had that kinda luck :~/
3 years ago
hope you went back for more
3 years ago
Thanks. I just hope to someday have that kind of fun again... :)
3 years ago
good one