The Meeting 2

Opening the door, I am immediately captured by the site of her. She not only understood the instructions well, she followed them just as well. As soon as I opened the door the smell of her desire permeated the scent of the candles. Her legs were beautifully spread and her pussy was glistening so much so that it seemed to sparkle.

I could see her move a bit as I walked in and she called out seeking confirmation that it was indeed me. But I did not answer. Instead I just let the door shut behind me and then locked it. Turning back toward you I wondered what you were thinking with my silence. Wondering if this was truly a wise idea perhaps? Regardless of its wisdom, the cards had been dealt and there was no way this game would not be played.

I walked over to the foot of the bed and brushed my fingertips over your thigh and down the inside, gently grazing over those puffy pussy lips. I loved the way in which you inhaled a deep gasp.

Continuing my movement, I brought my fingers up your tummy and circled yours breasts, avoiding the nipples but then flicking over them and gently pinching them. Again, a beautifully deep inhale and release as I watched your chest expand and your breasts rise.

I continued of course by tracing your neck and jawline. Moving to your lips I watch as your mouth instinctively opens, allowing my fingers the opportunity to trace your lips. Not only that though. It also gave you the opportunity to suck on them because apparently you needed to suck on something.

Holding the side of your face gently in the palm of my hand, I bend down and gently kiss your lips. I press mine against yours, and then begin to nibble and tease, using not only my lips but also my tongue and teeth quite effectively.

And then just as my hand moved up your body, my mouth moves down, kissing your neck and the globes of your breasts. Teasing your nipples and areola, but never quite satisfying that need you had until I was ready. And then, holding each as if it was a fine, delicate piece of porcelain, I took each nipple in my teeth and tugged on it only to release it and nurse on it, suckling each and savoring it as I would my favorite small appertif.

Moving down your tummy you sigh with a bit of frustration as it was clear your need for my touch on your nipples was not fully satisfied. But there would soon be another savoring, another suckling and a nursing that was certain to take you over the edge.

I kisses further down and then lay on my tummy between those legs and began to tease my next target, my next destination. Breathing warm air on your pussy I was causing you to shift, your ass wiggling on the bed. Drawing
my tongue through your puffy pussy lips, you let out a deep sigh of relief and pushed up, wanting, no, needing more.

I then pressed in again, drawing my tongue slowly and surely finishing by swirling your clit. You moaned deeply again. My hands then joined in as I took two fingers from each hand and slid them into your pussy. Slowly, I spread your pussy open, causing it to gape a bit. I then pressed back and your clit popped out like a delightful little button no longer hidden by folds of skin. As I blew air on it, it almost sent you over the edge.

But it didn't. However, I was about to. I gently flicked at it withy tongue and kisses and nibbled on it. Soon though I had wrapped my lips around it and began to nurse on it, suckling it in and out of my mouth as I flicked at it with my tongue as it was inside. Bringing you closer and closer to orgasm, I could send when you were about to go over the edge and then I stopped and ceased my stimulation as I kissed around your clit and teased your lips.

When I sensed the immediate need to cum had passed but you were still at that elevated state, I resumed my teasing and suckling and savoring of your pussy. Bringing you close again, I stop and then repeat several more times. The delightful and yet frustrating consequence was that I was bringing you to increasing higher plateaus from which I would resume every time. If I would let you cum, it would be great. But if I did not let you, you would be more frustrated than you had ever been.

Once again, I was bringing you closer and closer and you anticipated I would stop. But, this time I didn't. I kept going and quickly you could feel an orgasm building in you that would not be stopped but would rather create an explosion so deep and hard it could threaten to rip soul from body. Suckling and savoring, nursing and suckling, pressing in harder; soon you were coming and coming hard. Your body began to pull and tug at the binds as you jerked and writhed hard, almost bucking me off.

But then something overwhelming was happening. I was not stopping. Not even close. I pressed in and soon another orgasm was ripping through you and then a third and a fourth. Your body was beginning to shake and convulse almost violently as orgasm after orgasm ripped through your body, crashing into one another much as a tsunami crashes in over the shore.

You tried to beg me to stop but you could not form words. All you could do was grunt, moan and cry out. I was not only making you cum, I was extracting every orgasm from you and by the time I ceased you body was uncontrollably spasming and shaking and your pussy was clenching and spasming all by itself.

I slowly brought you down by kissing your puss and inner thighs, whispering assurances and then rest my head on your pussy as your breathing slowly returned to normal.

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6 months ago
and next week any plans
7 months ago
That storie was the shit I loved it lol soo dope