New Years Eve at the Local

She certainly turned some heads in the pub as she entered. Already a little d***k, and dressed in a tiny white dress which seemed ready to unravel from her slightly plump teenage body at any moment. The dress was a little too tight, and her full figure meant that pale flesh was on display. Her ample tits squeezed out at the top, and below her smooth chubby thighs could be seen, with an occasional flash of the white strip of her panties when she walked. She wasn’t an unattractive girl – and with her make-up done and dark hair piled up in an expensive style, she looked good – and she knew it as she strutted about the small country pub making quite an impression on the local men who weren’t used to such wanton displays. As the night wore on she exploited this, coaxing drink after drink out of willing buyers, eager for a furtive grope of her fleshy ass while she delivered sloppy and increasingly d***ken New Year kisses to all.

A little before midnight I stepped out into the cold evening air to get away from the noise and the crush inside. There she was, slumped over one of the picnic tables, utterly d***k and barely conscious. Her tiny white dress had ridden up her thighs, and there was a tantalising glimpse of panties, with a tuft of dark hair peeking out. Looking around, I noticed that there was a huge puddle on the ground too. She had completely lost control and pissed herself at least once. Alone out here, with her d***k, incapable and dripping with her own urine, I felt my cock stiffening at once.

I sat down beside her on the bench and she barely stirred. Reaching down, I moved her panties aside and stroked the sopping wet lips of her pussy. Her public hair was soaked and matted, and after stroking for a moment I couldn’t resist raising my fingers to my mouth to taste the mixture of her juices and her piss. As I reinserted my fingers a little harder, she groaned and sighed, lifting her plump white ass off the bench a little and letting a further dribble of piss fall onto my fingers and down her smooth, damp thighs. Her pussy was surprisingly tight, and as I worked my fingers in, savouring the sound of the wet hole giving way to my searching digits, I noticed her plump teenage body trembling and her dripping cunt beginning to pulse.

Freeing my thick, hard cock from my jeans I checked that no-one was around and shifted my position so I was behind her. By pushing her forward a little, and watching her huge milky tits squashing under her on the table, I was able to lift her exposed pussy from the bench. The wet, pink hole was incredibly inviting, and despite the urgent throbbing of my cock, I had a desperate urge to plunge my face between her big, pale ass cheeks and push my tongue deep into her. The taste of her sweet, tight hole mixed with the tang of fresh piss was almost too much for me, as I greedily sucked her clit into my mouth. She moaned again, biting her lip and sighing "mmmmm" despite being in her deep, d***ken stupor. I couldn’t wait any longer, and with the fat red head of my cock already glistening I positioned myself behind her and f***ed it home with a satisfying slurp from her young, wet hole.

I began to fuck her gently at first, but when it became clear that she wasn’t going to stir from her oblivion, I planted my hands on the wooden table and began to thrust urgently into her cunt. I was grunting with the effort of fucking her plump teenage body, and so caught up in the thrill of feeling her wet hole tightening around my shaft that I only barely remembered I needed to pull out before cumming. Just in time I slid my painfully pulsing cock from her and blew six thick strings of cum over her, covering her milky, plump ass cheeks and hitting her squarely in the pink target of her exposed anus. As I looked at the mess I’d made, cock in hand and inches from her wide open, pink hole, her cunt let out a gasping slurping sound and once again, a torrent of warm piss gushed out of her, soaking my cock and it continued to spray from her pussy, I pushed my cock deep inside again and let the warm fluid cover my still achingly hard rod.

Recovering my senses as my cock slid out of her once again, I looked around to find I wasn’t alone. A small queue of regulars from the pub were behind me, waiting patiently with cocks in hand and in various states of erection. She was going to have a New Year to remember...

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