Sometimes Breast is Best...

I'd never responded to a personal ad quite like this one before. But, it was a quiet night in a city I didn't know well, and all I knew was that I was desperately horny and needed some sort of sexual release. The ad had said "Woman, 22, wants older men to play with her 34c tits and maybe more". I'd never considered myself a 'tit man' – to be honest I'm just a pervert who gets a twitch in my pants regarding anything vaguely sexual, but something about this caught my eye. After a couple of emails back and forth, each getting a little more directly filthy than the one before, we arranged to meet up in the bar of my hotel for the night. She'd sent a picture – but I was always pretty sceptical about these things, so it was a pleasant surprise when a petite but shapely young woman appeared in the doorway. She was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt which didn't give away much about those 34c tits she mentioned, but displayed a tantalising hint of pale shoulder and black bra strap. Strands of her dark blonde hair, worn up, kept falling in her face and she nervously brushed it away as she looked around the room, taking off her oversize sunglasses to see better.

She wandered over and sat beside me. "bl**dy hell" she said "You weren't k**ding about being a big, fat, hairy bloke were you?". I was used to the reaction and said "Look, if it's not what you're expecting…" but she cut me off and lowered her voice "No, it's exactly what I want…I want a dirty old perv mauling me. I want to feel like a filthy fucking slut". When she spoke that way her voice faltered. She was obviously not used to voicing these thoughts in person. We got a couple of drinks and chatted for a while. I let her talk, fast and nervous, while I eyed her body greedily. She was very clearly just as desperately horny as me – and probably just as prepared to do almost anything I thought. Eventually she leant in close and said "I'm so wet, can we go somewhere now?".

I let her into my room and she sat on the bed looking expectantly at me. Taking the lead I stood in front of her, the bulge in my trousers inches from her face. I lifted her hands and placed them on her chest, gently using her own fingers to squeeze and massage her tits. She gasped gently and whispered "You know I can cum from having my tits played with?". I decided to take this as a challenge and lifted the t-shirt over her head. Her pale, milky skin was exposed and for a minute she looked vulnerable in the huge hotel room. Her tits were beautifully defined teardrop shapes, the nipples small and dark, and now very erect. She eased the straps of her bra away, and as she stretched I could see the definition of her ribcage. Such a contrast to my big, rough hairy body I thought – something which only made my cock throb harder. I took her tits in my hands, massaging and squeezing, finishing with the nipples between my thumb and forefinger each time. She threw back her head and sighed. Swinging her long legs over mine, she pushed her chest towards me. I lowered my face to her left breast, letting a long drip of saliva leak onto her nipple before taking it into my mouth and sucking deep and hard. As the nipple threatened to slip out of my lips I exposed my teeth, gently biting on it. She writhed and drew breath sharply "You dirty old fucker" she murmured.

This spurred me onto greater efforts and I took both tits roughly in my hands, pushing them together, coating them in spit and working from one to another in flurry of kissing, sucking and biting. She cradled my head with one hand, while the other disappeared up her little denim skirt, a distinct aroma of excited, hot pussy beginning to emerge. She was breathing heavily now, her back arching and pushing her swollen nipples into my face "You fat pervert" she whispered "You fucking dirty old man". I sunk my teeth into the flesh of her right breast and she moaned loudly and tensed for a second before relaxing. Enjoying the effect I was having on her I did the same again, and she spasmed even harder, clamping her thighs tightly around her hand. I pushed her back onto the bed, her legs sluttishly apart and her cotton panties pulled aside to show a shaven, swollen cunt which was leaking onto her soaking hand. I lowered my huge bulk between her legs pushing her down with my weight and grunting slightly with the effort "Oh god you're so fucking massive" she said "I don't think I can take you on me". I didn't give her the choice, allowing my body to push hard on hers as I slavered and groped at her pale, fleshy tits. She gasped in submission, knowing I had complete control of her now.

I struggled with the waistband of my trousers – my poor, aching cock needed to be free. She gasped "Please don't fuck me. Do anything but not that, sorry". By now I didn't particularly care where I got my release, and while I was disappointed I wasn't going to feel that slippery young cunt around my shaft, I intended to show my appreciation. Grinding my body against her, her hand crushed against her mound by belly, and with my tongue slavering over her now dripping tits, I noticed her breathing was ragged and urgent. "I'm going to cum" she gasped "Just from you groping me you dirty old fucker". Her orgasm was sudden and hard, her body arching and pushing up against my huge frame, her face contorting in a mixture of pain and lust as I sucked long and hard on her nipple. While she was distracted by her wave of pleasure I aimed my dripping, hard rod directly up her skirt and with a grunt of satisfaction, pumped six thick strings of cum onto the back of her hand and the fleshy damp lips of her wet cunt. She gasped as each one landed and finally whispered "You dirty fucking bastard, you fucking filthy fat pervert". I rolled off her sweat-drenched body and watched her inspecting her hand with a mixture of interest and disgust. Finally she raised it to her mouth, and fixing my eyes with hers, licked the strings of thick, warm sperm from the back of her hand.

Dressed and respectable again, I walked her to the foyer of the hotel. At the door she brushed my cheek with her lips and whispered "These people don't realise what a fucking pervert you are do they?". I smiled at the thought of people wondering what this pretty young woman was doing with an old fucker like me. She walked away, a wet patch still distinctly visible on the back of her tight denim skirt.

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