Poker Night

A couple nights ago, I was at my friend's house drinking a few beers and playing poker with him and his girl. Needless to say it got a bit crazy. The first two hands that were dealt, I won. His girl slipped out of shirt and bra. I thought I was on a role and was going to whoop their ass at this game. But of course, as it usually goes the tables were turned and before him I knew it when were complete naked. When kept going till we got her naked. At this point we were all completely nude.

Then he suggested that who ever won got to tell the person with the lowest score to do something to the winner, the runner up, or make them so something to themselves. I was all in. By this point I knocked back seven beers so I said why not and she was down for that too. We played a few more hands. My nipples were sucked, I licked her asshole, my asshole was licked,*Side note: Was not a pleasurable like I thought it would be* I got a double blow job from both of them. The last hand that was dealt, he won and his requests was that he want me to fuck his girl as he watched and masturbates. She didn't have a issue with it and neither did I.

I laid on the floor as she laid on top on my and start to suck me off. Her ass was in my face so we had a little 69 action going. I started to finger her and lick her clit. Every time I flicked my tongue on her clit, she moaned and could feel the awesome sensation of the vibrations from the moans. Then she lifted up and start to grind her pussy on my face and jerk me off.

I then pushed her off me and made her get on all fours. I slipped myself in and started slow picking up speed. He was sitting on couch rubbing his dick slowly, not wanting to cum to soon. As my speed started to increase, I spanked her as I was going hard and fast. He then told us that he wanted her to ride me and use this vibrating dick ring, so I pulled out and slipped on the vibrating ring. She slid down on top of me and stayed there enjoying my dick and the vibrations of the ring.

I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her slightly, thrusting myself in and out of her slick and wet pussy. She grabbed my arms, held them down, and started to rock her hips back and forth. The ring intensified the pleasure. I laid her on her back and fucked her in that position. She came over and over again. I took a peak at him and I could tell he was nearing his climax, as was I. I pulled out and she lifted up, grabbed my dick and jerked me off till I came all over her face and chest. He then quickly jump off the couch and gave her a second helping of cum on her face. She grabbed both our dicks and licked and suck whatever cum was left on it.

Everyone was pretty drained, tired, and sweaty after that. We then took a shower together and after that I got dressed. She went to her room. He followed me to the door so he could lock up when I left. I looked at him and looked at me. We didn't say anything but the same idea was in our head. Fantastic night and it will happen again soon.
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2 years ago
i love it!!!!
3 years ago
And a fun time was had by all!!
4 years ago
What fun! Encore!