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[Story] The Fall of Batgirl

As promised here is a suite :) But the story is in future so the names may change

As I said before the Supergirl is no more she's now Super Evil and with Poison Ivy they love each other but with their sex thristy and their lust mind they want more so they think together how to hunt down the others heroines and they both choose targets Super Evil will take care of Wonder Girl and Poison Ivy chooses the Batgirl. Batgirl alias Barbara Gordon daughter of general Gorgon himself great grand son of Commisionner Gordon from Gotham City. Barbara is 18 years old, she's got auburn hair and hazel eyes... Continue»
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[Story] The birth of Poison Ivy and fall of Supergirl

2150 A.D Los Angeles

It's been 150 years ago that we discovered the kryptonite on Earth and yet we know nothing about it only he weakened Superman and his cousin Supergirl. We know nothing about its power its effects on human. However it's gonna change. Indeed professor Pamela Isley experienced it against her will.
But who is Pamela Isley? She is a young woman 25 years old brunette hair blue eyes 5.5 feet 32C this lovely girl has no lover but doesn't despair she has no friends either, indeed she has no social life and for a good reason she works for the first compagny in military weaponar... Continue»
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[Story] My first lesbian sex (not true story)

Hi, my name is Chiara, I'm 22 brown hair, green eyes, nice little boobs with pink nipples. When I was only 17 I was with the most popular guy of highschool and of course he was captain of football team. Me I was cheerleader in this team that's how we've met, he defloured me one night in his car and it was good and every weekend we were together in his car or somewhere else but very far from our ciy because we were popular and well esteemed by community.
However this fairytale had a tragic end, we were at weekend and as usual we had our rendezvous point before leaving, but he was not here at t... Continue»
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