Saturdays with Stepmom continued.

100% true story

First and foremost i apologize for previous story and the way i was written. I was nervous and it was my first time. However, i have more stories to come that are all TRUE.With thats said i hope you enjoy.

My dad finally came back from his work trip. Me and Jessica(stepmom) had spent the whole time fucking and she had taught me a few things such aas how to satisfy a woman with my tongue and mouth. Now that dad is home we can not act like anything happened. Especially since i had told my dad on a few ocassions that i didnt like Jessica.
Friday night comes around and Dad decides to take us out to dinner and a movie. I was fine with that and i invited over a girl i was seeing to come out with us. I had told dad already that she was going to tell her parents she was at her girlfriends house and she was going to stay with me the night. My dad was young and he understood what was going on so everything was in place for a good night.
AT dinner dad and Jessica were drinking alot. My dad was a light drinker and i knew it was only a matter of time before he passed out. Jessica had managed to sneak me and my date Susan some liqour at dinner. By dinner time i was hard as hell just thinking about how Jessica sucked my dick and rode my dick and made it clap on it. I loved every second of being with her. Now i was with Susan (for the night)and i was ready to have some sex.
At the movies Dad was already feelin nice and decided that he and Jessica would watch a different movie then Susan and I. Thats was perfect because i was ready to pull Susan's panties down and start showing her what i have learned.
Before the movie started i was already fingerining Susan. I could tell by the way she was dripping that she wanted me inside of her. I learned from Jessica that by taking my time with a woman it is much more rewarding.
The theatre was not packed but it also wasnt empty. I decided for us to sit all the way in the back. There was another couple sitting right in front of us.
I wasnt worried about them because i was not shy and i had liqour in me so i really didnt care. I slid down to the floor and proceeded to eat Susan's pussy. She couldnt hold back her moans. I know at this poin the couple in front were busy the girl was giving her man head. I kepy licking Susan and nibbling on her clit until she let out a Loud Scream and she orgasmed right in my mouth.
I had all her pussy juices all over my mouth and beard. She must have loved the way she tasted cuz she started kissing me and she licking the juice off of my lips. She told me how she never felt anything like that before in her life. I told her she had to repay the favor. SHe didnt hesitate to go down on me and start licking my shaft and sucking me. She couldnt fit my whole cock in her mouth and she was nothing compared to Jessica in giving head.
We must have lost track of time because My Dad and Jessica were finsihed with their movie. At this point Susan was trying to make me cum. I kept losing concentration everytime i felt like i was going to cum. I was nervous to get cught. Then i heard the door for the theatre open. I opened my eyes and seen Jessica's sexy ass walking up towards us. I didnt tell Susan anything. As she walked up she seen me getting head and she just smiled. The couple in front of us had already left . Jessica sat right in front of me and pulled her skirt to the side and started playing with herself. Susan had her back towards her so she had no idea. WIthin 2 minutes I let out a huge load in Susans mouth.
Susan Swallowed my cum even though she never had done that before. Jessica and I came at the same time i figured cuz she fixed herself and walked right up to us like she just got there. By this time i was fixing my pants and Susan was fixig her hair. She told us that her and my dad would be waiing in the parking lot for us. Susan turned red and was embarassed thinking Jessica just seen us. I told her not to worry. I lied and said i dont think she saw.
The ride hime was quiet. Dad was passed out in the passenger seat and Jessica was driving listening to music. Then all of a sudden a loud ringtone broke the silence in the car. It was Susans s****r calling to say that her Mom called her firends Mom to ask her if she was there to talk to her. So her cover was blown. Her mom called a few times but Susan had the phone off because of the movie. She had to go home right now. I asked Jessica to drop her off. We left her around the block and she walked to her house.
Dad was still passed out. I helped him into the house and laid him on the couch. Jessica helped take off his clothes. I jumped in the shower and was starting to jerk off when i heard the door open. It was Jessica and she was naked. She asked to jump in. I was in shock. My dad was in teh very next room. She jumped on her knees and started to suck my cock. Unlike Susan she could take my cock and deep throat it like a champ. SHe licked my balls and lfted my balls and licked under them which drive mw crazy.
I grabbed her by the hair and turned her around and started to fuck her hard. SHe was not a screamer but with the way i was pundingg her tight pussy she couldnt hep but let out a scream. We fucked for what seemed like an eternity. I still didnt cum an dthen she was making her pussy muscles wrrap around my thick cock and with just a few more strokes i exploded my semen all inside her. I was in love.

I washed up and walked to my room. Dad was still passed out and snoring on the couch. I walked by him and laughed. if he only knew.....

Stay tuned for more
I have alot more to come stay tuned
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2 years ago
good, keep them coming!
3 years ago
Please write more
3 years ago
3 years ago
Done some better,we have a pic of what you are saying,,,thanks
3 years ago
very good looking forward to part 3
3 years ago
much better, but still needs a little work.
3 years ago
very good. much better than part 1