the first time!

Rain was slowly falling, we were on my bed cuddled up and i was a little afraid because it was the first time i was going to do anal. He was so gentle with me and made me feel relaxed, he first kissed my neck and slowly began sucking my nipples until they were standing up but the weather helped too as it was a little chilly, he then started to move his tongue down my stomach gently licking my belly button and making me tingle all over...
He then went between my legs and kissed my pussy but he looked at me and said that's not what he wanted so he then made me hold my legs back with my knees touching my chest, i started to quiver because i knew what he was going to do and have always wanted it done. He then began to gently flicker his tongue on my asshole driving me crazy and rubbing my clit at the same time, hmm i exploded like never before over and over...
In the same position he then started to insert his index finger into my ass and gently moved it in and out making my eyes roll back and when i couldn't take it any longer i wanted his cock in me, he then started to slowly put his cook in my ass until it was all the way in hmm that felt so good as he slowly moved it and out my asshole and it didn't really hurt that much as he is well built...
As i began to relax more he moved in and out with more pace and had my toes curling as i came over and over, i never knew it would make me cum so hard, but the best position i liked was when he had me on my stomach and pounded my ass until i cried out from the feeling. I love when he cums in it and my ass is getting bigger from all that cum and i love it!!!

Danz :)

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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
you got me aroused
3 years ago
amazing :))) he's obsessed about anal, like me :)