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the blow job from hell

i met a girl three weeks ago we whent out we got on then she said i should wharn you i am a virgin i sead by the end of the night she woad not be she says i dont whant loss my virginty but i will give you a blow job i sead ok i lie back she starts liking the tip i shut my eyes the next thing i know is she is like a fucking wood peeker to make things worse the 70s vergion of last house on the left was on and was on the part the mum bittes off the r****ts cock i was scared shit less
Posted by danvman 5 years ago

[Story] 100%real kissing cousin's

i was 13 and my cousin was16 i whent over to see a movie whith her and her b*****r and s****r it got hafe way threw the movie she took my hand and put it on her pussy i was scared at first till she put her hand on mine and shoad me what to do i lent fast her eyes started to water and she bit her bottem lip later that night i felt some on tuching my cock it was her she toold me to lie back and lelax as she stated jerking me i took a minut till i came on her hand she licked the cum up and sead good night... Continue»
Posted by danvman 5 years ago