1st meet on the hamster

I met up with someone the other week who was quite nice. We met about 9pm outside town and she asked if we could go somewhere for food. As we were driving along she asked if we could pull over as she needed to sort herself out so she pointed out a small side road that was a dead end. We pulled up to the end and she got out and i was playing with my cds trying to find some decent music. After about 30 seconds she got back into the car, topless with he beautiful petite boobs out and said "undo your trousers i fancy eating now!!" she had such a cheeky smile that i couldn't say no. I was already turned on as she had a sweet perfume on that was intoxicating and captured me. I undid my buttons on my jeans and started to slide them down and doing so my cock popped through the buttons on my boxers. Without giving me a chance to take them off she had grabbed the shaft and was rubbing her thumb across the top. My foreskin is quite tight as i have a mild version of phimosis so i told her to be gentle, and she was. She was rubbing it making the end all moist and was gently stroking my shaft exposing a little more of my head each time she pulled. She leaned in and opened her mouth as her lips approached mine and her tongue emerged ever so slightly as did mine. Our tongues touched momentarily and parted again. She drew back and i asked if she was ok. She simply nodded and then leaned down towards my cock and started to run her tongue over the slit in the end of my cock. All of a sudden she opened and slid my now very hard throbbing cock entirely in her mouth and i could feel it right against her throat. She gagged and pulled it out again doing this about 3 or 4 times. She leaned up and said "in the back now, naked and fuck me!" we both got out and i pulled the seats down turning the back of my estate into a large bed. I put down a blanket that i had a stripped down to my flesh. I only have a 6" cock and I'm not the fittest of people having a rugby player build but i do appear big built and she told me to lay down. She then slid down her leggins and revealed that she had nothing on underneath. Her pussy was hairy but i don't mind that and as she parted her legs slightly and ran her finger between them she was dripping wet. She straddled my stomach and ran her hand behind her stroking my cock rocking backwards allowing her ass cheeks to touch it ever so slightly. I told her that she had got me so horny i may cum early. She smiled and said "as long as you have more later". I grabbed her cheeks looking down and her pussy, her lips swollen and pink poking through the thing light brown hair surrounding them leaving her juices on my tummy. I squeezed her cheeks and all of a sudden thrust her body towards my face and as she came up pulled her pussy into my face. I began running my tongue up and down her lips gently passing over her clit every so often and on doing so her letting out a quiet whimper. After a short while i could feel her juices dripping onto my chin and sliding down my neck.i thrust my tongue between her lips releasing a small trickle of yet more juices. I pulled my hand up and pinched the flesh either side of her clit and began pulling back and forth almost wanking her clit. With my tongue still inside i could feel her pussy tighten and relax really fast. All of a sudden she shuddered and followed up by releasing what can only be described as a torrent of cum, squirting it all over my face and into my mouth. She was so warm and sweet tasting that i carried on with my tongue. She stopped me, placing her hand on my head and lifting her body up. She instantly slid down my body and slid her soaking wet pussy onto the end of my cock. She rubbed herself up and down allowing my cock to penetrate about an inch at a time. I said that i was already close to cumming and she told me that she had a coil and the implant. I had to double check but could see the implant in her arm and so allowed her to continue. She kept pulling out and pushing back in about an inch and was squeezing my halls with her hand. All of a sudden i felt my halls clench and my legs juddered, and as they did she could feel i was about to cum. She griped the base of my cock and pulled really hard causing my foreskin to come back over the head of my cock and she pushed it deep into her pussy. She then bounced up and down still with my cock deep inside her. As she was pounding me i could feel my body jerking releasing pre cum and then in an explosion of tension i came groaning as i did. I could feel her clench her pussy restricting the flow of cum causing it to squirt deep inside. We lay there bound for a few minutes without saying a word and she released me. She sat up and slid off me, cum dripping from her pussy and then got dressed outside the car whilst i wiped myself off and put my trousers on. As i reached for my boxers she said "leave them, your dirty and need a shower" i put my shirt on and trousers and got back in the car next to her and she instructed me to drive to hers, giving directions. We drove down a road she said was hers and was greeted by a male at the top floor window of a detached property. I was a little worried as he closed the curtain and came to the door. She assured me that he was ok and was her husband but part of me was thinking to floor it and drive off before he could get me. He approached her side of the car and leaned through the window and said "did she have a good bit of meat for dinner?" winking at me. I told him to ask her and she got out the car whispering in his ear. He leaned back and said "are you not coming in to clean up?" i got out the car and walked down their gravel drive in ore of what i thought was about to happen. He walked off to the kitchen and instructed me to go to the bedroom where they had an ensuite to use and shower off. As i pulled open the door the shower was already on and as i walked in she followed behind pushing me through the door. She stripped me and was undressing at the same time rubbing against me as she did. She was not a slim woman but had enough flesh to hold on to and very in proportion. She slid open the door to the huge shower and pushed me in closing the door behind her. She pushed me under the shower head and began running my cock up and down making it hard again. She then poured an exotic smelling shampoo over my head rubbing it all into my scalp and then working down my body. At the same time i pressed against her telling her she needed to clean herself off too. I could hear her husband in the bedroom and she told me to wash us both off and to lead her into the room from behind once we had dried off. We stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel wrapping it round the both of us passing it in turn to dry each other. As i lead her to the bedroom poking her back with my again hard cock i could see her husband lying naked on the bed with his hard cock in his hand. She walked away from me and straddled his cock sliding it straight in her pussy. He was groaning and she looked back and curled her finger as if to beckon me over. I climbed onto the bed and she pointed to a bottle of lube on the bed next to her husband and instructed to cover her ass. As i massaged it in i kept running my finger over her ass hole gently pressing it in. At the same time i was oiling my cock expecting any minute to fuck her with her husband. He was much bigger than me and i figured that as we spoken about anal sec that he was too big for her and i would be more fitting. She meant her hand back and passed me a small but plug toy and said " slide that in foe me babe" so i lubed it up and pushed it gently into her ass watching it slide right in to the base. She then grabbed my cock and pulled at it. I thought she was going to toss me off but her husband said "don't be shy, you can fit in too" she then aimed my cock towards her pussy and told me to squeeze it in gently with her husbands. As i was very well lubed up it slid in without a problem and we began girating back and forth for a while before my cock popped out. He said that as i was smaller it was better for me to go bottom so we can quickly switched with her sliding straight on top of me. He squeezed his cock with mine into her pussy and we began pounding her again. I could feel how tight she was with both our cocks inside and then all of a sudden a finger rubbed across my ass hole. I clenched and she told me not to worry she would be gentle. She then slid her oiled finger in my ass and was twisting and rubbing at my prostate. Her husband was now clenching his cock and i could feel it against mine throbbing in the build up to cumming. All of a sudden she did it, she mailed my prostate and i could feel my halls tighten again. Her husband began to cum and i could feel his warm cum dripping between our cocks and down the inside of my leg. As she continued fingering me i could feel my cock also tighten and i let out a burst of cum also. This almost immediately came dripping straight out as she was already full. We both pulled out and a stream of mixed cum dropped from her pussy. She laid her husband down and straddled his face and he kicked her clean. I was a little disgusted as i would never do that and he offered to suck my cock and clean me up. I told him it was a nice offer but it wasn't my thing at all. With that she cleaned me up licking round my balls and between my legs. I asked to use the shower again and tidied myself up. As i emerged he was getting dressed and she lay on the bed sweating after our session. She thanked me for the night and invited me to sl**p over with the both of them but i told her i needed to get home to my pets and she understood telling me we would meet again. As i walked down the stairs her husband smiled at me and asked if i came back could we be a little more experimental and would i allow him to play with more.I told him i would think about it, but now i have had some time to i don't think its really my cup of tea. On the way home i kept thinking about our night and i was getting all horny again. Had to come on here but my cock was fairly well drained!!
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1 year ago
fantastic i love it i had my hands in my knickers the whole time xxx
1 year ago
Nice story. Something similar happened to me about 45 years ago, I was invited for in for coffee by a friends mum, I ended up in a similar position. but with her husband just watching as she masturbated and played with me, and then she climbed on top and fucked me. strange times! I have phimosis and that was what she wanted to experiance. I had told my mate I had it, and he had mentioned it to his mum. I found out when talking to her some time after that her husband had wanted to see what it was like. Dave
1 year ago
Fantastic adventure Dan i tip my hat to you and your friends
1 year ago
People keep mailing asking for names. I have agreed for the moment to keep their identity a secret and if they wish to comment and let you all know they will do so via this comments section. You know who you are so thanks again for a great night