Sun Terrace Fun

Hi, I have just returned from my holidays in the Canary Islands and thought I would share the fun I had with you.
The hotel I chose was a good 4star hotel with an adult only sun terrace ont he roof which was for naked sunbathing. I began most days around the pool area and after lunch would head to the roof. The sun terrace was two part, an open part which the entrance door opened onto so there was no hiding and a quieter part which housed the shower for cooling down. It was usually the quieter part where I would take a sun bed as it allowed me to watch people going in and out of the shower so lots to see through the afternoon.
Most days there would be a few couples sunbathing and also a few gay guys andon the odd occasion late afternoon you would get the odd single female.
One couple who I saw every time was an older couple from Germany who I got to know as Helen and Joseph and although Joseph wouldnt say much Helen spoke every day. She was rather fit for an older lady with nice nipples and a natural hairy pussy, Joe was a bigger guy physicaly but not in the manhood department.
On this particular afternoon they were the only people on the sun terrace when I arrived and were in the open area so I went as normal to the quieter part and lay on the sun lounger and started stroking my cock.

Not long after I heard the shower so I continued stroking and made myself visable s whoever was in the shower would see me when they came out. A few minutes later Helen emerged and just stood watching me stroking while smiling at me.
I sat up at this point and asked if she liked what she was seeing and she said off course it has been a while since I watched a guy playing as Joe isnt interested in sex anymore to which I replied thats ashame as you are a fit and sexy lady. She walked over and sat on the sunbed oppisite me and we chatted about her lack and sex and how she would like to stroke me and I asked what her husband would say if he walked over now. She said he would probably like her getting attention but was asl**p so wouldnt know, so I stood up in front of her and offered my hard cock to her to stroke, not only did she start to stroke she used het mouth initially to kiss my cock and with my persuasion she began to suck me, slowley and deeply.
Looking down I could see her nipples were rock hard so I knelt in front of her opened her legs and bagan to lick her pussy which got wetter by the minute. After a few minutes I inserted a finger into her and she gasped and whimpered saying how good it was and telling me not to stop, so I didnt I kept going until she came and her juices flowed over my face. She was very flushed and said she had to shower again so off she went leaving me with a rock hard cock.

After showering she went back to where her husband lay and relaxed in the sun for a while. I walked past her to look at the view over the city and she was smiling with so much happiness. As I took in the view I stroked my cock till it was solid again then turned to look at Helen making her aware how horny I was feeling and as I walked back to my lounger she was sitting astride her sunbed with her ligs wide apart and pussy open so I could see her wetness.
I lay down and read for a while after this and snoozed in the afternoon sun enjoying the heat and savouring the taste of Helen.

On waking I went to shower and looked over to see Helen alone and Joe nowhere to be seen so quickly showered and went over to ask if everything was ok and she said he had gone to their room as he wasnt feeling too well so I took to opportunity to ask if she wanted to meve to the area I was using then helped her move her towel and sun lotion.
We continued to chat and the talk got round to sex and I was teasing her and telling her she could have more oral if she wanted and also that I wanted to fuck her if she would like me to.
She said I could eatt her pussy all afternoon as she had enjoyed it so much and that was the hint I needed to get on my sknees spread her legs and go down on her beautiful pussy again. This time I kept going until she came three times and was begging me to stop and let her rest as her legs were getting wobbly.

To be continued....

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29 days ago
I need a holiday like that !
2 years ago
How can you lock her pussy when she is sucking your cock without going into 69?
2 years ago
As the lady says Give us more
2 years ago
2 years ago
Yes continue...