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Marking Favorites

Marking Favorites

I know, this seems like a dumb blog post but I ran into a situation this morning that just doesn't make sense. I thought others might find it interesting and bizarre as well. One of the things I enjoy about this site is the wide variety of pictures and videos posted by true amateurs. That means, real people and not porn stars.

Out of respect for those posting their content I always read their profile from start to finish before looking at any of their pictures. I find what is written by others to be interesting and in some cases very enlightening. Many put a lot of thought into their profiles and should be applauded for very well written content. Then there are those that simply have no clue what to write, and that is okay too, we all don’t have the gift of gab.

Now the situation this morning, the woman posting here on XH made a statement that she would not allow anyone to mark her pictures as favorites or do tributes or she would report them to XH for privacy violations! Now I paraphrased her profile statement because I believe in the copyright laws of the United States and using a direct quote from her profile without crediting her would be a violation of the US copyright laws. The same would hold true if I saved her pictures to my computer and later posted them to another forum, that is stealing and just plain wrong.

But how in the world is marking them as favorites a violation of her privacy? Here is the comment I left on one of her pictures, if I get flamed on her profile or other locations I thought at least the full story would be posted on my profile where I maintain my full copyright privileges.

My comment:

So let me understand. You post pictures to a public porn site, show your face and body with no hesitation but if I mark them to my favorites I am violating your privacy. Hmmm, that seems very strange. Now I understand your desire not to have your pictures stolen, that is theft if someone saves them off and posts to other forums and I would support your effort to prevent that. I can also understand that you do not want them used for other purposes, tributes for example. I don't get that either. But if I mark them as favorites on this site where you freely posted them, well I just don't get it! But I will respect your wishes and NOT mark them to my favorites. And along those lines I will NOT tell you what I think of your pictures least you become offended and report me to XH. Have fun on here and I hope you are not marking any pics or vids to your favorites as what is fair for you is fair for others.

End of comment----------

By the way, she did have a ton of video favorites, I guess she was not violating others rights even though most of those she marked were amateur privately produced vids. Go figure!!

Oh, and you will note that I did not mention the user ID, link to her profile, or any other personal information so if you as the user find this blog, I have not violated your privacy.
Posted by danorth 2 years ago
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2 years ago
That does seem odd... seems like she could just make it where her XH friends were the only ones who could see her pics - I came across a profile yesterday where only the person's friends could view his vids... I didn't send a friend request, though, as there's plenty on XH to see other than his... LOL
Hope all's well with you :)
2 years ago
That is interesting...hmmm...
I personally don't mind being violated... ;)