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FAQ’s and Random Thoughts

I would like to use this blog space to cover the frequently asked questions and thoughts I have as I poke around xHamster. I suppose some would put it in their profile, but mine is too long all ready (my profile, that was not in reference to my “package”). This blog is not intended to prevent conversation, quite the contrary. I suspect that most women run to the guys profile to find out what he is about before responding to a comment or PM, hopefully if this is your practice you will look at this and determine if I am for real.

FAQ’s and Random Thoughts

Q: I don't see you on very much, do you have a regular time here?

A:I check this site every day, generally early in the morning before starting the day and then again every evening. If I don't see comments or new content by my friends I generally log off and check again later. I do enjoy porn, {"duh, don't we all?"} and find myself checking out new vids in the morning.

Q: What sort of pics or vids do you like best?

A: When it comes to videos I don't waste my time on anything that looks professionally produced. Even the amateur section is full of commercially produced porn that is so fake it is worthless. I want to see real people enjoying sexual pleasures, not actors that fake every sound and action. I have watched nearly every type of porn but steer away from the BDSM stuff as I am more sensual in nature. Long and slow is best in my opinion. But there are times when ripping cloths off and getting at intercourse is all that I crave. I love seeing a woman dressed in lingerie that she finds seductive, you can tell when a woman has selected her undies and when she is feeling sensual dressed in them.

Q: Who writes your comments?

A: I do, every letter, syllable, word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph, I NEVER use comments written by others, regardless of how good they read. I have seen my comments used by others, the most interesting was a guy that stated on his profile that his language was Spanish (Mexico as his country) and his profile text was not English (I don’t read or speak Spanish). He copied one of my comments and posted it to a women’s picture, and the text did fit the picture, but clearly not written by him.

Q: How do you come up with what you write in a comment?

A: Everything is written on the fly, that is, I never take a lot of time before composing a comment, I read your profile, look at your pics, read the other comments to make sure I am not repeating a comment, and then begin writing. Every word is written based on your profile and picture (or video) and how I feel about it. I also try to let you know through my comment that I have read your profile without saying it directly.

Q: Do you have published stories outside of xHamster?

A: No, I post here exclusively. I have written far more than is published but most was written for a chat partner and I never share those very personal fantasies or stories.

Q: How did you pick me to write a comment on?

A: Well to begin, you are, or say you are a woman. I really can’t abide men posing as women so I try to pick a real woman, which means if the pictures look a little too perfect I suspect they came from other sources. But I have been fooled, and try to handle it in stride. The second reason I picked you is that you looked interesting. I don’t just mean erotically and sexually interesting, well perhaps that at times as well. But there was something of interest on your profile, whether it was a picture, video, story, or just the profile text. I have no particular bias on body size, type, nor do I have a color barrier, we are all human and the last I checked you had body parts that mated with my body parts and a fantasy about that has no barriers, right?

Q: Your profile says you are married, what the heck are you doing on here then?

A: Good question and if you pose that to me in PM I will give you the straight up honest answer, but it too personal to post in a blog, I hope you understand. I will tell you that as my profile states, I have NO desire to meet, talk on the phone, and have never done the cam thing, it just isn’t my style.

To be continued

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2 years ago
Very well thought out! Nice, honest and to the point!