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Why Are Self Pics So Erotic

I have been a member of this site long enough to have seen a wide variety of pictures and videos. Pictures remain my primary interest as the detail available in a picture far exceeds most amateur videos. And let me digress from my primary subject to mention amateur VS commercial pics and vids. If you do this for a living you are a professional or commercial producer, case closed!

I am so frustrated at times when I find an interesting video or picture gallery title marked as amateur only to find that the work is obviously produced by as a commercial venture. I refuse to watch commercial vids as they simply are not anything close to real life. The actors (using that term loosely) over act their emotions and physical sensations, the women make faces that at times appear as if they are eating lemons. Enough of this, the topic here is self pictures.

I have long ago developed this erotic desire for self pictures by women. I am not completely sure why, but self pics in a mirror in the bathroom is so erotic to me. Why? I have a few thoughts, let’s see if you agree or have other ideas.

The first reason is perhaps because it seems so naughty, yeah, immature term, but naughty seems to fit. A more adult term would be forbidden. When we hide in a bathroom or bedroom, naked and horny, and take a picture it is not something we talk about at the next holiday gathering. I doubt that any tell their real life in the flesh friends that they are taking naked pictures. Yet we are so excited to share them with the rest of the world and hope against all hope that comments will be posted about them.

Another reason these style pictures are so erotic is that I think it is so personal. Regardless if you take the picture and post if for a specific individual or post it for the masses, you are taking something that the world considers private and make it public. You choose what to show and how to show it, it is about your body and your personal erotic thoughts.

And the third reason I consider these so erotic is the amount of work and effort it takes to produce the picture, regardless how good or bad it is for quality and content. How in the world can we pose perfectly when holding a camera and avoid flash burn in the mirror, keep our face out of it, you name all the problems and it gets very personal because we want all our body parts to show and work so hard to do it.

I think professional pics are easy, I know the professionals would be quick to argue that it is all hard work and I am sure it is. I am sure the guy has trouble maintaining his erection while he is humping some foxy look woman but for the most part the subject only needs to pose and forget the camera is there. Then the Photoshop techs go to work and make it all perfect. But bathroom (or bedroom mirror) pics require thought and skill capturing the image just the way the person wanted to look.

What do you think? Am I on track or all wet? (No that was not sexual wet, give me a break)

Posted by danorth 3 years ago
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1 year ago
you are so right. i like those pictures too.
it is a moment captured for eternity. the drive behind the moment may vary but the outcome is the same. it can be a quick picture for a person that holds a special place, a way to uplift how somebody is feeling about their body or as a task. but the result is always a picture of a person in it purest form.
that picture is completely the effort of the person self. a model, director, retouch artist and producer all in one.

we all share the same genitals. we look at them every day. oke they vary in size and of course the male and female thing but we are all voyeurs. and taking a look at a moment that is so private and so natural makes it really interesting to watch.

when uploaded by the person self they let you take a look in their lives. sharing a moment that meant something to them.

not a slut, whore or dumb bitch(people here need to rethink how they name albums, but that aside) just a beautiful person reaching out.

you can do a lot with photoshop and really quick! stretch marks, bigger labia or acne are gone in seconds. i stopped looking at the amateur section here. it is full of things not amateur at all.
3 years ago
I concur with much of what you said...and I have seen some that are very erotic...I usually use a timer with mine, which gives you 10 seconds to size up what you want to be in the photograph, run back and try to get where you think that you need to be...I do love the "private" aspect of what you said, and think that is why I am drawn to masturbation videos(slightly off topic) ...I do enjoy the truly amateur photos that people put thought into...