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My Very First Sexual Encounter

As I write this, January 2012, I have this thought that many will find this report totally unbelievable. Why? Because in a moment in time, over 40 years ago, young couples did not fall into bed the moment they met. And the very first sex act was not always oral or intercourse. As I think back to those days there was a bit of innocence between us yet there was passion wanting to burst forth but afraid of it and what would happen if we took that step.

So I relate this exactly as it happened. To some it will be sensual, perhaps cute, or sweet, you add the adjective you consider most appropriate. Others will accuse me of being naive or making it up for effect. But this is exactly the way it happened and it is burned in my memory as if it happened yesterday. I do welcome your comments, flames included if you are so inclined.

It was our first time, I was 18, she was 20. We had dated for almost a year. Yes, back in 1967 some of us did wait a long time. We were riding in my parent’s car on a return trip from visiting relatives. She was next to me, so close that I could smell the scent of her perfume; it was intoxicating, so subtle that I had to be very close to catch the scent. I touched her bare arm, just above the elbow and I felt her tremble, I thought it was a chill from the cool air coming in the open car window (no AC in the 1959 Ford station wagon).

Her elbow, which had been on my thigh, now moved to my crotch. I was erect, and had been for miles as we drove along the state highway in the late fall. She felt it, I know she did, and she pressed down hard against the tip. I thought I was going to cum from that hard press against my arousal. We rode on forever with her pressing down on my erection and I pressed up against that elbow, enjoying the pressure and wanting more.

Later when home we got into my car to take her home, a couple blocks from my home. We drove through a small state park at the edge of town; yes we took the long way home. I stopped at a pretty overlook, the trees were beautiful in the setting sun, the air was cool, but it was HOT in that car. Her perfume (I later learned refreshed before getting in my car) filled my head, she was setting next to me, so close, she was warm on my arm, the air coming in the window that was down an inch or two was cool and that made me enjoy her warmth even more. Her breast brushed my arm, I wanted to touch her there but had not worked up the courage yet.

We had kissed before this, I turned and kissed her lightly, she returned it and then our passion broke. I moved my hand to her breast, so soft in her bra that must have been thin and her fuzzy sweater added to the sensuous feeling. I had never touched a breast, I was in heaven. I had no idea what to do except explore that breast. Her nipple stiffened from my touch, I was amazed and lingered as I felt that nub that was then and is today a point of extreme passion for me.

Then there was a hand on my cock still held inside my pants. She had no idea what to do, but rubbed up and down the length and always back on the tip, she seemed to know that was the point of pleasure, perhaps it was my reaction by pressing up into her hand as she would stop on the tip. She would rub fast, then slow down, I was insane with the need to cum.

And then my hand was between her legs, she was wearing stockings and a panty girdle (all women wore them in 1967) and I felt the fabric glide under my fingers. The satin panels smooth and sensual, the mesh stretch fabric rougher but yet sensual. I felt the garter holding her stockings, it was a bump that made me think of her nipple, but I wouldn’t go back to her breast, my hand was near the place I knew she’d get the most pleasure.

I had no idea what I was doing, I slid my hand up under her skirt further, her nylon slip caressing the back of my hand and then she parted her legs. She was trembling, hesitant, yet I knew she wanted my touch and I wanted it. My fingers found an opening in the crotch of that girdle (later found out it was a design feature of the garment) and her panties were soaking wet. My fingers glided along the tight panties, I felt nothing distinctive as far as her contours but I marveled at the wetness, and the scent grew in the car until it overpowered her perfume, I was intoxicated at that scent.

Her hand rubbed up and down my erection, two layers of cloth between her hand and my cock, I didn't care, it was fantastic. I rubbed between her legs, and then she clenched her thighs and shuddered and buried her face between my shoulder and neck and breathed heavily. I worried that I had hurt her, then I knew, she had cum, the panties were soaking wet, I had made a woman cum!

And then it happened, that cramp deep inside me. I knew I was at the edge, her hand was rubbing all over the tip of my cock, and I pressed hard against the palm of her hand and filled my pants with hot wet cum. I was out of control and groaned aloud, she clutched the tip of my cock wadded in my pants as my cock jerked and throbbed, spurting out my pent up cum and passion. We shared our first cum together.

We did not do any more sexually, the rest of this evening is too personal to discuss here.
Posted by danorth 3 years ago
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2 years ago
Wow what a beautiful story/description!