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Pink and gray turns to blue satin

The morning dawned with a band of pink and gray clouds on the eastern horizon. I opened my eyes seeing the display of colors and imagined it was a beautiful silk scarf covering your body. The curves in the clouds made me think of the curves of your body and my mind went to the single picture on your profile. In it you are wearing a blue satin slip, topped with lace. The clouds, whispy at the top made me imagine it was that lace. The only thing missing in that cloud were those bumps in your picture that I clearly knew were your erect nipples.

I shifted in my bed, my morning erection throbbed and my hand went automatically to the tip, it topped the stiff shaft, yet was spongy and yielded to my touch. "Would you touch me this way if you were here with me?" I wondered to myself. My hand slid inside my underwear feeling the flesh covering the rock hard shaft was soft and smooth as I made the first full stroke from tip to the base. I cupped my balls, smooth and hairless, rolling them around wondering what it would feel like with your soft hands holding me like this.

Then I slid my hand up and down the shaft, feeling the rim of the tip of my cock as I covered the tip fully, my pre-cum wet the tip and it was warm and slick. I wondered if you'd enjoy that feeling with your thumb sliding over the clear droplet. I slid my hand down my shaft again, looking out the window at the pink clouds now turning crimson red. It was like you were changing your lingerie to match my arousal. I wondered what your nipples were like without the blue satin slip. Were the always prominent, or did they only harden with arousal? Are your areoles dark, large, or pretty pink? My hand slid up and down, I imagined it was yours, warm, soft, and coaxing me to cum.

I closed my eyes and thought of the kind things you have said to me, and then was lost in thoughts of you and my pleasure. Then I reached that point of no return, that cramp deep inside that told me that my prostate was ready and my strokes quickened. On one hand I wanted this to last longer, yet the pleasure I was feeling brought me to this point quickly. I opened my eyes, the clouds were breaking up, but your image was in my mind and I pulled my hard cock out of my underwear to quickly storke just the tip. As the first shot of cum exploded out of my cock and all over my hand I thought of your breasts, that tatoo that peeks out over the top of the slip and yearned for the second spasm. I smeared the cum all over the tip of my cock, which was swelling again for the second spasm that would produce more white slick cum. And within seconds my balls produced another load and then another.

I relaxed as the fourth and final contraction produced a dribble of cum, and I opened my eyes to see the clouds were gone, replaced by a rich blue sky, which matched the slip in the picture. The cum, now wet and cold covered my hand and belly, would you clean it up with your tongue, I squeezed the tip of my cock for a final small spasm from my now semi-erect cock. I felt warm and close to you even though you are not here or on-line. Thank you for the inspiration this morning.

Posted by danorth 3 years ago
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2 years ago
Beautifully written. The sleepy-sexy feel comes across in your writing.... wonderful.
3 years ago
Lovely sensual and most definately one should have a nice cleaning with a sweet warm and sensual tounge.. One from the tip to the base and all that escapted too...:)