The Ultimate Hand Job

The ultimate HJ

This story is pure fantasy and although it describes our meeting we both know that our sexual encounters will always be through this site. But please allow me this fantasy, this one is for you, my Cutie Pie!

I looked down between my legs, and you were there, smiling sweetly. Your arms were hanging across my bare legs and my erection was throbbing with the anticipation of your first touch.

I have dreamed of this moment, the moment when you ceased to be a picture or video on this site and have wanted desperately for you to be a flesh and bl**d woman. Now that we are together in person I simply can’t wait to experience you touch and attention to my needs.

Your smile excites me beyond description. I seem to read a desire in your smile to see my cock respond to your touch and yet a bit of anticipation that you have the touch needed to make it react like you and I both want. Your small hand reaches forward, my gaze is fixed on your hand as your fingers slide effortlessly across the shaft and then circle around my cock.

I am so hard that my cock is throbbing and your hand circles around the base of my cock and it feels warm even though the bl**d coursing through my cock makes it seem super-heated. I look at your sweet smile and into your eyes. You are looking directly at me, searching my face to see if your touch excites me as much as it does you. You are rewarded as my eyes roll up in my head at the first touch and I moan softly.

I feel your silky soft hand slide up the shaft and when you get to the tip you explore the ridge that is larger than my shaft, I shudder at your touch. I feel you other hand cup my balls, kneading them softly yet firmly and then tug at them causing the skin on my cock to stretch tightly putting pressure on the tip of my cock.

Your thumb has found my slit and the sensitive underside of the tip and you circle it around and around and I moan again. I open my eyes to look down, you continue to look directly into my eyes and I can see that you are intent on my pleasure. I want to see your breasts that are held snugly in a bra and top but my breathing prevents me from talking as you pump my cock very quickly for a few seconds.

As if you were reading my mind your hands pull away and you strip your top off and then your bra. Your breasts are so full and your nipples are erect from the arousal we are both feeling. You rise up on your knees, bending forward between my legs and your hands are on your breasts. You cup them, as if offering them to me, then you slide your hands across your nipples and they harden further.

Bending forward you surround my cock with the soft yet firm flesh of your breasts and I involuntarily hump my cock between those beautiful full breasts. You are looking into my eyes again, and seeing my pleasure you smile, bend down, and lick the tip of my cock before sliding it into your mouth. Your lips circle the tip wetting my cock while your tongue offers a gentle massage.

You pull off, leaving my cock wet with saliva as you rise up hiding my cock between your breasts again. I want to hump your breasts till I cum but you are in control and you slide down between my legs again with your soft warm hand on my cock. Your thumb finds that special spot again and you massage it as a drop of clear liquid oozes out. You notice it immediately and smile softly knowing that you produced this pre-cum and that in a moment it will be followed with thick creamy white cum.

You bend down and lick the droplet off the tip and then take my cock deep into your mouth. Your tongue swirls around the shaft as I feel the tip of my cock hit the back of your throat and then you pull back leaving my cock feeling chilled from the wetness and the open air.

But in a second you have one hand circling the tip of my cock and the other surround the shaft and you begin to pump my cock. I am so aroused I can’t stop what I know is going to happen. I feel a tightness in my groin and my breathing quickens as the first spurt of cum shoots out my slit into the palm of your hand. You are looking at my face and see my pleasure, but then study my cock as the second contraction sends another stream of thick white cum into your hand.

It makes a ropey strand of white down the backside of your hand and then I am lost in passion as the third contraction hits. You pump hard and a fourth contraction hits and I feel the hot cum shoot out all over your hands.

You realize my cum is nearly over so you cover the tip with the palm of your hand, smearing the slick cum around sending pleasure deep inside me and another spurt oozes out the tip as you begin to milk my cock forcing the remainder of cum out. I open my eyes and see you bend forward and you again take my tip into your mouth, cleaning the cum off my cock.

And then it is over, our first encounter after living out fantasies on this site. I want you so badly, I want to touch you in every way, to feel my cock deep inside you, and to feel your legs circling me as I hump against your pussy. But this will need to wait, right now my sexual arousal has left me weak and my heart pounding in my chest.

You rise up, dragging my now spent cock against your breasts and down your tummy. Your lips meet mine, they are still wet with my cum as we kiss for the first time and it is a long passionate kiss with our tongues meeting for the first time. You have given me pleasure and although my cock is of no use for the moment, I am determined that I will be as attentive to your pleasure as you were to mine.

Let me know if you’d like me to finish this encounter and perhaps suggest how you’d like me to pleasure you.

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3 years ago
wow very good!
3 years ago
Continue please.