Fantasy or Reality

After too much time away from writing I have returned to with a new story that is written with one particular friend in mind. She has asked several times if I was going to write another story and it is that encouragement that brought this story to my mind. She is not identified in this story but I am sure she will know it is written for and about my continuing fantasy about her and her erotic presence here on xhamster. Thank you for your encouragement, perhaps the next story will not be so far down the road.

Fantasy or reality?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you see something that grabs your attention and you are lost in a thought about it? Well let me tell you about just such a moment for me.

The holiday season was upon us once again and I went to the mall to pick up a few gift baskets for my clients. I normally hate the mall so get in and out as fast as possible. The clerk was preparing the final details on my baskets as I approached so I waited staring into the bustling holiday crowd of the mall without any particular focus on a person or store.

Then an unbelievably stunning woman walked directly towards the kiosk where I was waiting. She could be best described as a full figured woman dressed in business attire and with a beauty that radiated from her like rays of sunlight on a spring morning. My gaze became instantly fixed and as much as I am not a letch that looks at the figure first, I could not resist noticing the sway of her large breasts and the movement of her hips that were so seductive that I felt my cock begin to harden.

I remained in this trance like state with erotic thoughts of this total stranger increasing my arousal to the point that I would begin to show this excitement. “Sir, Sir!” the young clerk repeated with no break in my gaze. I felt a soft hand on mine and nearly leaped out of my skin.

“Sir,” the young lady said, “Your baskets are ready.”

“S, S, Sure,” I stammered and handed her my credit card. I didn’t break my gaze at the vision of beauty that continued approaching me directly, those seductive hips holding their grip on my mind.

As the young clerk pushed the receipt and card back at me the woman of interest stepped around the end of the kiosk and stopped beside me. I felt her hand brush my arm as she straightened her jacket, which only seemed to accentuate her breasts more.

“Sir, could you please sign for me, I really need to help other customers.” The young clerk said with some persistence and shoved a pen into my hand, which broke my stare, which I realized was focused directly on the woman’s nipple that showed through her top and the gap in her jacket.

I signed quickly, feeling my face redden as I realized I was staring like a letch and at that moment felt my cock seeping pre-cum from the erotic fantasy that was playing out in my head. I grabbed the baskets, held them against my erection and quickly made my way towards the mall entrance.

I had never had an experience such as this, in those few moments I had noticed every detail of this woman, developed an erotic fantasy of taking the woman right on the spot, and embarrassing myself not only to the clerk but to the woman of my lustful thoughts. I left the mall and walked to my car holding the baskets to cover my arousal and quickly got in the car. My mind reeled with the erotic thoughts I experienced and without thinking I ran my hand down to the bulge in my pants. I was still hard and my mind full of the woman I have yet to fully describe to you.

She, as I mentioned, was full figured. To some she may have been larger in size than is accepted as the perfect woman, but in my opinion the perfect woman exists in any size, color, or shape. It is more the way she presents herself and the way she feels about herself. I guess it is a state of mind that helps her present herself to those she meets.

I won’t try to access her size, but her breasts were full and round and I knew she was wearing a bra because her cleavage was enhanced down the low cut top. But it had to be a thin bra because her nipple was prominently visible through the bra and top.

The business suit, a skirt, jacket, and crisp white blouse added to the look, the skirt being about knee length and her perfectly formed legs covered in stockings or pantyhose that gave them a shine or shimmer that was so seductive. She wore short heels that tapped out a rhythm as she walked, yet were not so high as to make her look stilted.

Her hair, about shoulder length fell loosely to frame her face and her make-up was noticeable, yet subtle. She seemed to have a glow that went beyond artful make-up and her walk was graceful yet seductive as I have mentioned.

When she stepped near me I could smell that faint fruity smell of perfume that is so popular now, yet it was not overpowering in any way. As I thought more about her beauty my cock begged for attention and without even realizing it I was rubbing it through my trousers.

I remained in her trance, just like in the mall. Then the passenger door opened and she poked her head in saying, “Let me help you with that!” Without waiting for an answer she slid into my car and brushed my hand aside. I could smell that perfume again and stared at her lovely face and then focused on her large breasts, again noticing her prominent nipple bulging against the fabric of her top.

She quickly found my zipper and with a flick of her wrist had my erection in her soft hands in a second. She started stroking my bare cock and her large breasts swayed a bit from the action. Then with one quick motion she lowered her head and took my member into her mouth. Her soft full lips closed around the head of my hard cock and I felt the warmth and wetness and she sucked me deeply into her mouth.

I looked down and all I could see is her dark silky hair cascading over her bobbing head as she sucked my cock deeply into her throat. I touched her hair softly but did not try to f***e her onto my cock any further as she seemed to know just what was needed. I let my hand fall onto her shoulder and tried to reach her breast but could not gain access.

She sucked hard and pulled slowly off my cock making a popping sound. She lifted her head, replacing her mouth with her hand and continued to stroke my hardness. “You like my breasts?” she asked.

I was speechless, I tried to say yes but before I could speak my cock and balls hardened and I knew my load was ready to shoot out. Before I could stop her she quickened her jerking and I blew a load of cum all over her hand the dark blue arm of her jacket. I had not wanted to make this mess but was frozen as my cock jerked out stream after stream of white sticky cum.

I could feel my slick cum smeared between her hand and my cock and my prostate sent the final load of cum oozing out of my now softening cock. I was lost in the lust of this moment and yet became aware of the sound of voices and dragged my mind from the erotic pleasure I was feeling.

I looked out the window and saw a group of shoppers passing in front of my car, unaware of my erotic moment and wrapped up in excited conversation about their shopping trip. I looked down and realized that I had a large wet spot in the front of my pants and my hand was pressing hard against my rapidly softening cock.

It was at that moment that I realized the entire event was a fantasy played out in my car. I felt embarrassed yet so fulfilled. My face felt flushed as I sat up feeling the sticky cum in my pants knowing I was a real mess. I started the car and as I turned to look behind me to clear my departure from the parking space, the beautiful woman that I had seen in the mall tapped the trunk lid as if to warn me she was there, and then she was gone down the lot.

WTF, I thought, was this really a fantasy or real?

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3 years ago
wonderfully erotic
4 years ago
Wonderfully written and just so descriptive!
4 years ago
liked it, more please