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The Dressing Room

I want to thank the user PornMom for her permission to use one of her pictures as the inspiration of this story. The story is 100% fantasy, that means I have never met PornMom, never shopped where she has, but would love to!!

- - - - - - DRESSING ROOM - - - - - - -

I can’t explain why I thought shopping at the downtown department store struck me as a way to gift a woman in my life, I guess seeing a woman wearing a pretty bra in a magazine ad got my mind running to seeing her in something new and sexy. I walked into the department store, this was a high end store, not the typical big box, and “I just hope I can slip in and out of the lingerie section without some salesclerk trying to help me,” I thought as I passed the cosmetic and perfume counter. The sweet and musky scents really got my attention as did the young sales person behind the counter.

She was showing a stunning woman a perfume and had her dab some on her wrist as I passed by. I found the bra section where there were more than a dozen hanging racks, all of the circular and double rows of garments hanging on them. “How the hell am I going to find anything,” I thought as I scanned the tags separating bras and quickly found the section with her size, 34B.

I reached up to the top rack, my hands nervously shaking, “Shit,” I thought, “This is such a dumb idea.”

I looked up and across the rack from me was the stunning woman I had seen at the perfume counter, I knew it was her before I saw her, the scent she had tried filled the air and my mind raced at the thought of my friend wearing nothing but that scent. As I thought that I felt a stir in my pants and fought back the arousal that would over take me if I did not get my mind off the sensual nature off what I was doing.

I tried to smile without looking like a fool and was not sure I did so. The woman, a beautiful blond, was wearing a beautiful necklace of pearls and another of silver that looked so fantastic on her perfectly tanned neck. “It is the middle of the winter,” I thought, “I wonder if it is an all over tan!” She smiled back and I busied myself with the bra selection.

I noticed a sign on the rack while looking across at her and it said, “Buy One Get One Free!” I sorted through the wide variety of colors and styles and I tried to sneak a peek at the woman on the other side of the rack. She picked out a bra, it was a stunning red bra and held it out inspecting it, I tried to keep my mind on my selection but all I could see was her delicate hands running the straps through her fingers, pinching the padded cups, inspecting the tag, and again my cock began to harden.

She moved around the rack, holding the red bra, and I moved a little to the right to keep my distance. I noticed she had removed her coat, lying it on a cart, and her top was skin tight and I could not help but admire her perfect figure. I am no good at guessing age, but she was obviously at least early 40’s, but her figure was so perfect my mind wandered back to a time when I first became interested in the female form, her breasts, although not large, rode high on her chest and I thought I could detect a slight bump of her nipple.

I was lost, thoughts of her breasts and nipples took over my mind and my cock. I knew that I needed to make a selection or get out of here before I embarrassed myself. I grabbed two bras, one shiny teal colored one and another one in black. I looked at the tags and both were the same size and as I was going to turn away towards the check stands her hand reached out and pulled the black one out of my hands.

She smiled broadly, winked at me, and said, “Great choice, be right back.”

She turned and headed to the dressing rooms just a few feet behind the rack and I saw her enter with the bra swinging on the hanger from her fingers. The door closed with a squeaky hinge, but not all the way. My mind was as aroused as my cock, I knew I should drop the teal bra and get out of here, but she was like a magnet, pulling my mind to her in the dressing room. I could see her feet below the door and I watched her almost like a dance in the dressing room. It was obvious to me that she was wearing the bra, turning one way, then another to see how it fit in the mirror.

My face felt hot, I kept my front towards the rack to hide the bulge that would let even the casual observer what was on my mind. I tried to find another bra thinking my arousal would fade, but just when I thought I was under control the door squeaked open, I had no sense, I turned to face the door and she was standing inside the dressing room wearing the bra, a thong, and a smile!

I gulped and tried to look away, to which she made a mock frown, reached around behind her and in an instant unhooked the bra catching the straps with her thumbs. Her breasts were framed between her arms and the black straps of the bra. Her nipples were very prominent and I could see a bit of the tan lines, it was as if she was still wearing a bra, the lighter skin in the shape of her bikini top.

When she saw me look her way again she smiled and dangled the bra on her fingers, “you better take this with you,” she said and smiled at me.

I gulped again, held the other bra in front of my bulge and took two steps towards her and reached for the bra. I felt the strap in my hand, then without a warning her hand grabbed mine and pulled me into the dressing room. The door squeaked shut………………

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5 months ago
Thank you, always happy to make a woman moist, grin.....
5 months ago
Sexy story...got a little moist on that one...