A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapter 1 of 7

A Lesbian Love Affair

This story is based on nothing more than my wild imagination and a few plot themes suggested by an XH user. The characters, names, and places are not based on a single fact.

I wrote this to please an XH acquaintance; she is NOT on my friends list. She challenged me to write this story. Her challenge was this, it MUST be a lesbian love story, it could NOT include any narrative about sexual contact between a man and a woman, and although she said I could seek help in developing details of the story, I must write it personally (no ghost writer for me). And the final part of the challenge, I must write it in first person, yes, I must write as if I was one of the women in the story.

I love a challenge so dived in. I hope you like the story, it will be released in 7 parts as it turned out to be almost 40-pages long when completed. As soon as a chapter appears on my profile I will submit the next chapter for review, so it may take over a week for the entire story to appear. Here is a list of chapters:

1. The Capture
2. We Meet
3. The Seduction
4. Confusion
5. Our Decision
6. Adventure Begins
7. Escape and Rescue

1. The Capture

The sub-tropical heat of the jungle was horribly oppressive as I opened my eyes in the fading sun of late afternoon. I felt weak and tried to focus on what had happened in the past few hours. All around me the lush plant life blocked out nearly all the sunlight giving me the feeling that I was in a cave, yet I was fully aware after a moment that this was not a cave but the impenetrable forest . It suddenly dawned on me that my arms and legs were tied to rough wood stakes and as I looked down I could clearly see I was fully naked and covered in dried crusty mud.

"Sara," I heard in a hushed tone, I looked to my right and saw Peg, staked to the ground the same as me. I trembled with fear with the realization that my observation of a moment ago was NOT a bad dream. Peg was naked as well and in her normal manner seemed in control of her emotions while I was frantic. I could not help but notice she did not have any mud on her, which seemed strange because the last memory I had was both of us neck deep in a gooey mud hole that seemed to have no bottom. My eyes were drawn to her full breasts that lay heavy on her chest with her nipples as prominent as ever.

"I don't think they will hurt us Sara," Peg said again in almost a whisper, "I can understand some of their dialect and this is some sort of ritual or something, just lie still."

I bit my lower lip and trembled as if chilled, but it was fear not cold air. I nodded my head in agreement and then Peg said what I had never heard her say before, "Sara, regardless what happens, remember that I love you."

I felt a hand on my breast and jerked in reaction to the warm soft touch and looked up to see a young native woman, perhaps 20-years old, kneeling beside me. Her breasts, not much larger than mine but unlike my softly rounded profile hers came to a point and were topped with the darkest brown areolas I had ever seen, almost like chocolate kisses set proudly on top of her conical shaped breasts that had no covering on them at all.

A gruff sounding woman's voice said a single word in a language I did not understand, but it was obviously the young woman's name and there was no doubt the displeasure in the woman's voice. The young woman pulled her hand off my breast with a start and we both looked in the direction of the voice at the same instance. A older woman towered over me, standing tall and proud at my feet and it was obvious just by her stance and demeanor that she was in charge of this group of woman, whomever they were.

She had some sort of a****l skin wrapped loosely around her middle but I was still able to see her jet black pubic hair around the edges of it and like the young woman her breasts were fully exposed. She glared down at me, I never felt so naked or so scared in my life.

My legs were spread wide apart and held fast with rope so from the standing woman’s view point my entire of my body was fully exposed and if were not for the fear I was feeling I would have been blushing as the woman stared down at me and the young woman. I did, on the other hand, have a small sense of security from the layer of dried mud.

"Shhhhhh," I heard Peg say, just a few feet away from me. I rolled my head towards her and she shushed me again then smiled and said, "I am sure they mean no ha....."

Her words were cut short as another young woman knelt beside her and f***ed an a****l skin bag with fluid in it to her lips. Peg turned her head aside and uttered some language that I had not heard her speak before, but it did not seem to make a difference. The woman continued with the liquid and Peg relented.

I could see by the look on her face that it was not a pleasant drink of water, which would have been a welcome relief in this heat. Peg submitted to the liquid minding her own advice to remain calm. Her breathing rate quickened as I watched her breasts rise and fall. She tried to speak again but it made no sense, it was as if she was in a d***ken stupor. After a minute or two she stopped trying to speak and her head turned towards me again, her smile was gone and her eyes rolled up in her head before they closed entirely. Her face was lifeless looking and I panicked and started pulling at the ropes that held me.

Then the large woman at my feet stomped her foot on the ground beside mine and shouted orders to the woman kneeling beside me. She began washing my mud covered body with warm water from a crude bucket made of a****l skins and sticks. She used her hand to wet my body and wash away the mud, which only seemed to give me the feeling of being more naked than I was before. I trembled as she washed me and looked at Peg again; I could see her breathing heavily as if sl**ping, which did not comfort me in the least.

The young woman’s hands were all over my body, and when she started cleaning between my legs she lingered a little longer than was necessary, the fact that both Peg and I were shaved must have drawn some interest as other woman standing around as the mud was rinsed off my pubic mound spoke in their dialect in hushed tones. It was obvious what they were conversing about as they pointed right between my legs, and now I blushed.

When the young woman finished I felt a shiver run through my body, it was too hot and steamy in the jungle to be chilled, I knew it was fright, but also a bit of arousal as the washing seemed very gentle and sensual as the young woman obviously enjoyed her task. I looked over at Peg for reassurance but she was still not moving although I could see her eyes moving under her lids and recognized the signs of REM sl**p, she was dreaming.

The leader of the group raised the staff she was holding, the end of which was very odd shaped, and shouted something in her dialect that sent the rest of the woman to cheering. Perhaps it was the heat or my confusion, but the end of the staff looked exactly like the tip of a man’s cock only larger. The helmet shape was highly exaggerated but no doubt that is what it must have been carved to represent. My eyes, wide with fright, darted around as far as I could see being bound tightly to the stakes and I realized there was not a man in the group, all were women dressed in the same fashion.

The leader turned the tip of the shaft towards me, the garish cock tip pointed towards me, and as she did the rest of the woman fell silent. The leader made thrusting motions at me with the staff and then in one swift movement rammed the tip of the shaft into the dirt between my legs. She did not touch me, but it was so close I could feel the air movement and the crumbs of dirt flew up plastering the lips of my pussy with dirt. The young woman, whose eyes were on the leader, nodded and reaching between my legs with fresh water cleaned me off and I swear she dipped a finger between my slit.

I was horrified at this display, before meeting Peg the only two people that had seen me naked was my Ex and my gynecologist. I was desperate to understand what all this meant and how I had gotten myself into this mess. I was shaking from fright, which did not go unnoticed by my captors. The leader motioned to the young woman that had f***ed the drink into Peg and she moved to my side.

As she moved to my side I could not help but notice her breasts swaying almost seductively as she walked and for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of them, it was almost hypnotic and did for some strange reason calm some of my fears. There was a softness to the woman although I was terrified of them.

Like the young woman that tended to me, this woman’s breasts seemed to float, with nothing to hold them yet they stuck straight out with no noticeable sag, "very strange" I thought. I snapped out of my thoughts as this woman knelt beside me and f***ed the liquid down my throat like she did to Peg. As she did so her breasts brushed across mine and that momentary feeling of another woman's breasts against me gave me a sense of security just like I had known with Peg.

The liquid was bitter, not unlike a strong cup of coffee but it had a bit of a burning feeling going down as if it had alcohol in it, and then like Peg, I started feeling the effects of the liquid. I got light headed and felt as if I was losing consciousness. The young woman with the bag looked into my eyes as I felt myself drift, as if floating, then Peg appeared above me, her full breasts hanging almost within the reach of my lips and I caught myself opening my mouth to suckle them, wanting Pegs nipples in my mouth to comfort me, and then she was gone as I seemed to be floating again.

I felt totally out of control and frightened now, "how had all this happened?" I thought and there was no answer, sounds around me started to become distorted, like people talking through a megaphone or a long pipe. I knew I was drifting towards something or someplace but my thoughts were jumbled and then my mind drifted rapidly towards an image of the coffee shop back home and my memories began to play out in front of my eyes as if there were a recording of the past few months.

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1 year ago
Oh that is so hot
Cannot wait for next chapters
Andy x
1 year ago
Can't wait for the next bit !!!
1 year ago
Building up to something either horrific or superb. xxxx
1 year ago
1 year ago
Interesting so far
1 year ago
Chapters 2 and 3 sent for review, this story builds through flashbacks, and for those looking for the "good stuff", it is cumming in the next two chapters!
1 year ago
Agreed... Please continue Dan.... I enjoyed the read.
1 year ago
It appears that after 90 views only one person rated this first chapter and did not think much of it. With a rating of 2-X's (poor) I guess there may not be much sense in continuing. The entire story is written but with such a dismal start I am hesitant to post anymore.
1 year ago
Make more!!!!!