The Red Towel

This story is a total and complete fantasy, no actual names, places, or incidents are true. What is real and true is the picture used below. It belongs to a friend on XH and the owner has consented to my using it as an illustration of my fantasy.

The XH user, Brandnewcouple owns the copyright of this picture and use with my story is by their permission. Please respect the users rights as I do.

The Red Towel - Chapter 1

I met Mike and his wife Brittany as part of a business trip a few months ago. I travel for meetings and at a dinner party following the first meeting I started noticing what I can only describe as one HOT looking young woman. She was tastefully dressed for the setting, her long dark hair hanging over her shoulders framing her beautiful face and a smile that could melt the coldest heart. She had a stunning full figure, and even though I was old enough to be her father, I could not help but admire her large full breasts and the luscious curves that were perfectly porportioned for her size. I sipped my scotch and tried not to stare, but she really was stunning and I was looking for an excuse to go meet her. I became aware of the growing hardness in my pants and looked away to try to gain control of my lust for a woman I had not met and no expectations that meeting her would lead to anything.

My supervisor jolted me from my thoughts when he came up to me saying, "You have got to meet Mike and his wife, they are great people and you will be working closely with Mike on this project." A young man joined us and I was introduced to Mike, who then said, "here comes my wife, she prefers to be called Brittany even though I call her Britt."

To my surprise it was the stunning woman I had just been admiring, and lusting over! I nearly chocked on my last sip of scotch as Brittany stopped beside her husband, holding his arm and pressing her large full breast into his arm. She smiled at me when Mike introduced us and offered her hand. Her hand was so soft and warm to touch and I was careful not to crunch her hand in the normal business hand shake I often used.

"It is nice to meet you Brittany, are you enjoying the party?" I said in an attempt to be social and not an old letch leering at another mans wife.

"Yes, there are so many people to meet I was feeling a little overwhelmed." She blushed a bit when she caught me looking intently into her eyes, I was about half crazy with desire as her dress, although tasteful, was revealing her beautiful cleavage. I did not know what she was wearing under that dress, but she did not have that overly pushed-up look, just a great look in a stunning dress. I wanted to stare down her front, but years of business meetings had trained me to control my urges so out of habit I would fix my gaze on a woman's eyes even though I wanted to look elsewhere.

That first meeting was something I will remember for a long time, we ended up eating at the same table and had a great conversation while I tried to control my thoughts, and the erection I was sporting under the table cloth.

A few weeks later I flew to Ohio again to begin the project and met Mike at his office. He asked where I was staying and when I said that I had yet to make arrangements he said, "well be my guest at my home. It is just Britt and me in this big old house."

"I don't want to be an intrusion," I said thinking about his stunning wife and the need to control my sexual urges. "I can get a hotel room."

"Nonesense," Mike demanded, "Britt loves having someone around the house in the evening, I work too many hours and it is just her and the TV." And before I could protest further he pulled out his cell phone and after a few seconds said, "Britt, remember Dan that we met at the dinner party a couple weeks ago? Well I just invited him to stay in our guest room for a couple weeks, I told him you wouldn't mind." Mike didn't seem to meet any resistance and concluded with, "Love you, be there in a couple hours."

I was still a bit stunned that he took charge of my room for the next couple weeks and he seemed to sense it when he looked at me. "Hey Dan, relax, Britt is easy going, our guest room is large, private bath, and you really are not going to be a problem."

I resigned myself to the arrangements and later that afternoon we drove out of the heart of town and into a quiet neighborhood on the edge of town. Mike showed me to the room, which was better than any hotel would have been and then gave me a tour of the house saying, "Britt will be home in a bit, she stopped for some groceries for dinner, why don't you get settled in your room and I will let you know when she arrives.

I was starting to relax over this arrangement and in a bit heard the voice of that stunning woman I had lusted over at the party as she came in the house. "Hey Mike, dinner in a few," and her voice trailed off as I assumed she headed to the kitchen. Following dinner we had a relaxing evening of drinks and chat and then I excused myself to go to my room and complete some computer work before heading to bed.

I heard the muffled voice of Mike and Brittney as they made their way to their room, which I passed on the way to my room. Luckily there was not a common wall between the rooms as I did not want to hear anything from them that could ruin the stay. The next day Mike and I went to the office and worked all day on our project and later in the afternoon he said, "I have arranged for a car to take you to the house, I need to work late, so it is just you and Britt, hope that is okay."

Before I could say a word he grabbed a phone call and a driver showed me to the car. This was first class treatment and I really appreciated the effort Mike had made. My cell phone rang halfway to the house and Mike said, "I just called Britt and she said she may not be there when you get there. The driver has a key for you, see you later tonight."

I let myself in the house and headed up the stairs to my room, as I passed the main second floor bathroom I heard Brittney humming a little tune and when I got to the door I noticed it was not shut tight, as I passed I looked through the door that was open a couple inches and nearly passed out. Brittney was wearing red lace panties and a sheer black bra with her back to me. I gulped, turned away from the door and made a quick trip to my room.

I closed the door quietly and busied myself with my computer and heard the shower come on. "Whew," I thought to myself, "she must have been unaware of me passing the door." I decided that the best thing to do was walk quietly down the hall and make my entrance again when I knew the shower was off and she'd be able to hear me. I did not need a problem with Brittney.

I closed down my laptop and walked quietly down the hall, the shower was still running and I could hear Brittney humming the same song. As I got to the door it was still standing ajar, only it seemed to be a bit wider open than I remembered. I glanced into the bathroom and there she was, naked in a shower with clear glass doors. Of course there was water and steam blurring her form, but "Oh my gosh," I thought, "she had a beautiful body!" Suddenly the shower stopped and she pushed the door open grabbing a fluffly red towel pulling it around her before stepping out of the shower.

I did not see her fully naked, but I all but gasped as I looked at her beautiful body, her nipples were covered with with the towel but I got a full glimpse of her full breasts and her tummy. Her creamy white skin reddened by the shower was in perfect contrast to the dark red towel. I stood silently staring at the site of this stunning woman as she patted herself dry. The towel covered her pussy, and she never let the towel expose her nipples, but that did not stop me from having an instant hard on.

I did not move, afraid of being detected and with a large lump in my pants it would be obvious that I was aroused by her. Brittney moved about with the towel, almost like a dance, and all that was missing was a pole and I could only hope she would drop the towel.

I moved my hand to my cock and grabbed the tip, I felt the pre-cum ozzing out and knew when I got back to my room that I'd be jerking off to the image of her and that towel. As I massaged my cock a bit my arousal only became more intense and I wanted to slip away to my room. Just as I was going to move Brittney turned around and her beautiful ass became the object of my desire. She was so perfectly porportioned and her round ass was as seductive as her full breasts.

The towel danced across her butt and up her back a bit and I caught sight of the crack of her ass and I nearly lost control. I tried to turn to go back to my room and nearly tripped over my own feet. I knew I made noise on the carpet and stood perfectly still to see if she heard. Brittney seemed not to have heard as she took the towel in one hand and patted her hair dry. With her arm raised I could see her large breast sway seductively and I simply had to get out of there or I'd be in real trouble. I finished turning around and silently walked back to my room and closed the door softly.

I was no sooner in the room than I dropped my pants and let my pent up cock free. The pre-cum felt cool on the tip of my cock and I grabbed my cock and jerked at it wildly wanting to cum quickly. I thought I heard movement in the hall and stopped for a second, "nothing," I told myself and turned setting on the bed with my erection pointing up at me. I leaned back on one elbow and began stroking my cock again.

My eyes were half closed as I thought of her creamy white skin, the big red fluffy towel, her fantastic body, I was so close to my cum and the release that might help me get under control. As I concentrated on my masturbation with Brittney as the object of my desire, I lost any thought of anything else in the world.

Suddenly I felt a draft and as I looked towards the door I saw it open and Brittney was standing in the middle of the door with nothing more than the towel wrapped around her creamy pink body. I was so shocked I had no clue what to do or what to say. Brittney smiled, reached under her arm, pulled the towel loose letting it fall to the floor and said, "You left too soon, I wanted to show you everything......."

To Be Continued, I hope!!

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2 years ago
Great story weres the second part