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The Dance

Today I read a woman's profile blog in which she wrote about secretly watching her husband maturbate. I left an extended comment about her blog but felt that instead of leaving it as a comment for her alone I would reproduce it here for those that visit my profile as my comment really does tell you something about me and what motivates me here.

Here is the comment I left for her:

"The Dance", as you called it, is the outward physical action that leads to ejaculation and the body controlling orgasm for a man. The movement of his legs, his feet, his hips, are all physical and when that hard throbbing cock pumps his seed out onto his hand it is the physical result of his actions. But stand behind that crack in the door again, look instead at his face, his eyes, and try to get into his mind and see what must happen mentally to make the physical action result in the eruption that we all crave, man or woman.

Perhaps the best vids I have seen on here are the ones of woman, head shot only, as they masturbate. Instead of my mind being filled with their breasts, their smooth skin, their hands or toys stimulating their pussy, I must read their faces, and that is the most erotic vid I can imagine. Read profiles and comments from women, and some men, and you will also see that the sounds of sex, regardless if it is moans and spoken words, or the sounds of hands and bodies moving against sexual organs, you will find that most of us are stimulated by these sounds.

And then the scent of sex is perhaps as erotic as any of the rest of the act. So now back to my challenge, don't look at his hands cupping his balls, stroking his cock, but look at his face and eyes and imagine what is going through his mind. Is it you? Is it erotica he saw on XH? I would say it is probably a combination of both. I can't speak for all men, but I am enough of a student of the human condition to know that if the mind is not into the act the body fails to respond.

For me, since I am over 60-years old, it is memories of my first few years of sexual encounters with my wife. I say my wife because she is the only woman I have ever been with so there are no memories of sex with others. I imagine again what it felt like to touch her breast the first time through her soft fuzzy sweater, the feel of her breast held tightly in a cotton bra (no push-up pads back in the mid 1960's). I try to remember how my hands trembled as I ran my hand down the neck opening of her top and slipped my fingers inside that bra. To feel her nipple harden to feel the firm but soft flesh of her breast as I cupped them for the first time.

I imagine what it felt like to run my hand up her leg that was covered with a nylon stocking held up by the garters on the panty girdle she wore but didn't need to control her figure. I imagine again how it felt when she parted her legs allowing me to touch her pussy through the split crotch on that girdle and discover that her panties beneath were sopping wet from her arousal. I imagine again how it felt to slide a finger under that panty, to feel her hairy pussy tickle my fingers, and the creamy arousal that allowed my fingers to slide so smoothly along her swollen pussy lips. I try to imagin how it felt when I first felt the hard nub of her clit under my finger tip, how she gasped and clenched her legs as I stimulated her and then she slowly opened her legs wide, pressing them against my leg and causing her skirt to raise up, she wanted my finger inside her.

I imagine again how it felt to have her lips on mine, to feel our tongues meet for the first time, and to feel her hand on my hard cock held tightly in my blue jeans. I imagine again how it felt when her hand, shaking a bit the first time, slid under my jeans and slid over my hard cock. My mind is filled with these images and as I search high and low in this porn site I look for vids and pics that remind me of these images in my mind and the feelings that I felt so many years ago. I am not trying to replace her, I am trying to regain what I miss most, intimacy and discovery of each others bodies. I am trying to recapture what it was like to arouse her and have her respond with passion and desire.

So thank you for sharing your peek at your husband masturbating, watch him again and see if you can imagine what is in his mind, I promise if you make that connection your next sexual encounter with him will be so much better.

End of comment................

Now for those that are visiting my profile for the first time you now know something about me that has not appeared on my profile in the past. That is that my wife is the only women I have ever been with in a sexual way. And yes, I am still married and she is and will remain until death us do part, my lover. But sadly the intimacy between us has vanished. This was her choice and has to do with passing through menepause, I would never in the future and have never stepped out on her, but my mind is filled with the desire for intimacy, and a chat on this forum is as close as I will ever get to being intimate with a woman.

Do not feel that I am sad, needy, or begging, rather I am optomistic and happy in my life. I find intimacy where I can, if you have been part of that intimacy you will always have a special place in my heart and mind. I thank you for sharing a few moments, days, weeks, or months with me, the intimacy we shared is between the two of us and is never shared with others. I hope I have enriched your life as much as you have enriched mine.

Posted by danorth 2 years ago
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2 years ago
There are many ways to be sexually intimate and not all of them are physical. You are a classy man and your wife is a lucky to have you. You possess a character that is not easily found anymore.
2 years ago
Exquisite writing as usual Danorth.

I am so excited that you finally have shared yourself in this way, telling your story for all to see.

It is one of lust, love, heartache, and commitment.

You are so much wrapped up in one person. I fear your wife will never know the extent of your heart or of your soul. I want that connection so badly for you that it pulls at me. You deserve that.

Be well my friend.
Much love,

SassyBri ~