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Young and Old - The Prequel

I recently read a story posted on this site by another author (obi_malluda) that inspired me to write this story, which is my fantasy of what happened before the writers story occurred. You can read the rest of the story at this link: http://xhamster.com/user/obi_malluda/posts/292741.html

Young and Old - The prequel

The moment the young Indian woman entered the house I knew I was in trouble. I was reading my newspaper and as my wife brought her in something happened that I thought would never happen again. My cock began to harden, not just that little stiffness that come... Continue»
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[Story] Carpool with Kat

This story has absolutely no truth or reality in it. This is 100% a fantasy based on thoughts rambling through my head and put to words. If you enjoy it I’d love to see your comments. If you hate it, well there are plenty more stories on this site for you to enjoy.

It was my turn to drive in our work carpool this week. I didn’t mind driving for a week because on some commutes it can get a bit boring just setting in one of the four positions in the small cars that the other two people drive when it is their turn to drive. My vehicle was just as small so we all were in pretty close proxi... Continue»
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This one is for my new friend

The sound of the pre-movie commercials droned in the background as I settled into my seat in the movie theatre. I had not been to a movie in a theatre in quite some time and had no particular reason to be here tonight, except for needing something to do. The theatre was small, probably 50 seats total and there was a handful of people s**ttered around in the seats.

To my right and in front of me a few rows was a couple, he had his arm around her and she giggled each time his hand moved down across her breast, he was getting started before the lights went out. I felt my cock stir at the ... Continue»
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Thinking of Kat - Cold foggy morning

Sunday morning February 24th it was 5-degrees and completely calm, not a bit of wind. The drive to work reminded me of you and how you said foggy weather makes you happy. As I drove on the county roads I put the car window down so I could feel the bite of the cold air on my face, the scent of winter filled the car, cold crisp air, clean and pure. I pulled over when I saw this secluded lane into a farm grove with a small concrete shed in the distance. “Would Kat like to walk along this lane, feel the cold air nip at her nose and ears, strain her ears to hear the silence?” I asked myself. P... Continue»
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The Dressing Room

I want to thank the user PornMom for her permission to use one of her pictures as the inspiration of this story. The story is 100% fantasy, that means I have never met PornMom, never shopped where she has, but would love to!!

- - - - - - DRESSING ROOM - - - - - - -

I can’t explain why I thought shopping at the downtown department store struck me as a way to gift a woman in my life, I guess seeing a woman wearing a pretty bra in a magazine ad got my mind running to seeing her in something new and sexy. I walked into the department store, this was a high end store, n... Continue»
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[Story] A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapters 6 & 7 of 7

I am not sure what happened, I posted the final two chapters a week ago and nothing happened, so will try again.

As mentioned in my opening chapter, this story is based on a challenge by one of my XH aquaintenances (not on my friends list) and she said, "write me a Lesbian Love story" and to make it more of a challenge she insisted that not one reference could be made describing sexual contact with a man and I had to write it in first person, meaning I had to play the part of one of the women.

She said I could use others for research but the writing had to be 100% mine. I found a wonder... Continue»
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[Story] A Lesbian Love Story - Chapters 4 and 5 of 7

This is a continuation of the story I wrote for an XH user that challenged me to write a Lesbian Love story in the first person, meaning I need to write as if I was one of the women.

I am relying on flashbacks based on the first chapter to make this more than a love story and more than erotic sexual contact between two women. So if you jumped into this story without reading the previous chapters you may be confused.

This work, when completely posted, is over 40-pages long so breaking it up in chapters makes it a bit easier to read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

I ... Continue»
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[Story] A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapters 2 and 3 of 7

Continued from chapter 1

We Meet

The icy cold January wind cut through the warm interior of the coffee shop as the door opened and closed behind me. “Damn,” I scolded myself, “why did I wear this skirt and no pantyhose on such a cold day?”

The line in front of me was moving along fairly quickly, too quickly as I was simply not used to trying to make a selection. I am sure that this Friday afternoon crowd had one thing in mind, grab coffee, finish up at the office and get home for the weekend. I was here because I had nowhere else to go!

“Well?” the icy cold vo... Continue»
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[Story] A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapter 1 of 7

A Lesbian Love Affair

This story is based on nothing more than my wild imagination and a few plot themes suggested by an XH user. The characters, names, and places are not based on a single fact.

I wrote this to please an XH acquaintance; she is NOT on my friends list. She challenged me to write this story. Her challenge was this, it MUST be a lesbian love story, it could NOT include any narrative about sexual contact between a man and a woman, and although she said I could seek help in developing details of the story, I must write it personally (no ghost writer for me). And the fina... Continue»
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[Story] Can This be True?

I wrote this in 1999, long before I had found XH and it has never been published as I had nowhere to have it read. This is NOT true, it is a pure fantasy, although my wife does have a s****r, her s****r does have big breasts, and I do have unacted upon fantasies about her. Hmmmm, sounds bad, eh? Anyway, no real names, no real actions, just the fantasies of an old geezer.

Have you ever had one of those nights where dreams and reality blend together to the point that it is difficult to tell the difference? Well I just had one and as I set here at the kitchen table slugging down my secon... Continue»
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Humor Piece 01 - Jack Schitt

I am not the author of this piece, and I can't tell you exactly where it came from. I have a file of old humor pieces such as this and will try to post those that I find funny. If you are the orginal author of this piece please come forward and I will add your name to it because you, my friend, are one funny person and deserve the credit that is due.

Now one other note, this is humor, no aplogies will be issued to any person or orginazation if you are offended, it is JOKE!

Jack Schitt

For some time many of us have wondered just who is Jack Schitt? We find ourselves at a loss when so... Continue»
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[Story] The Red Towel

This story is a total and complete fantasy, no actual names, places, or incidents are true. What is real and true is the picture used below. It belongs to a friend on XH and the owner has consented to my using it as an illustration of my fantasy.

The XH user, Brandnewcouple owns the copyright of this picture and use with my story is by their permission. Please respect the users rights as I do.

The Red Towel - Chapter 1

I met Mike and his wife Brittany as part of a business trip a few months ago. I travel for meetings and at a dinner party following the first meeting I sta... Continue»
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The Dance

Today I read a woman's profile blog in which she wrote about secretly watching her husband maturbate. I left an extended comment about her blog but felt that instead of leaving it as a comment for her alone I would reproduce it here for those that visit my profile as my comment really does tell you something about me and what motivates me here.

Here is the comment I left for her:

"The Dance", as you called it, is the outward physical action that leads to ejaculation and the body controlling orgasm for a man. The movement of his legs, his feet, his hips, are all physical and when that h... Continue»
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This blog post is directed at you, I will not mention your name or user ID, but your thoughts and encouragement have reminded me that a dark gloomy mood must end or consume me. I chose not to have it consume me. This post is intended as a counterpoint to the two sad poems I wrote a week ago. I should remove them but I did receive several comments (public and private) that suggested that although sad the poems were beautiful. So I write this post to offset those, make sense? I hope so.

Some days the spark within us just seems to fade and a dark shadow hangs over us. I c... Continue»
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The Grey Dawn Turned to a Grey Day

How do you mend a broken heart?
Perhaps never think of how the love did start
But it seems impossible when all around me lie
Memories of the one that walked by

I try to busy myself with projects here and there
To cover the emptiness that seems too much to bear
Even the scent of fresh cut pine
Reminds me of what once was mine

Love used to be all I thought I would need
To fill nights and days with her thoughts to read
But the coolness crept into the exchange
And now memories are all that remain

How do you mend a broken heart?
With time, and work, and toil to start
But most of... Continue»
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February 29, 2012

Dark and gray are the skies above
Cold and lonely the harsh wind blows
Ice clings to the barren branch by my window
The snow swirls and drifts in the icy wind

The once warm hearth lies cold and covered in ash
The warm glow from the night before lost
My heart feels as cold as the gray February dawn
How quickly life changes in matters of the heart

Warm and close friendship lost
Is worse than no friendship at all
Each attempt to find what was lost
Fails as before leaving only emptiness

But on the eastern horizon pale and faint
Raises the morning sun nearly obscured by the veil
... Continue»
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Truth or Dare?

I recently ran across a profile that posed this challenge, I accepted, now it is my turn to offer it on mine. Here is the challenge as posted by another person.

So here's the deal...You get to ask me *Up to 5 Questions!!*, no matter how crazy, inappropriate, or just random, and I promise to answer it 100% truthfully (that's the "truth" part) ....now I dare you to re post this and see what people ask you......

I will answer only if you send me a private message with the questions.
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Marking Favorites

Marking Favorites

I know, this seems like a dumb blog post but I ran into a situation this morning that just doesn't make sense. I thought others might find it interesting and bizarre as well. One of the things I enjoy about this site is the wide variety of pictures and videos posted by true amateurs. That means, real people and not porn stars.

Out of respect for those posting their content I always read their profile from start to finish before looking at any of their pictures. I find what is written by others to be interesting and in some cases very enlightening. Many put a lot of... Continue»
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FAQ’s and Random Thoughts

I would like to use this blog space to cover the frequently asked questions and thoughts I have as I poke around xHamster. I suppose some would put it in their profile, but mine is too long all ready (my profile, that was not in reference to my “package”). This blog is not intended to prevent conversation, quite the contrary. I suspect that most women run to the guys profile to find out what he is about before responding to a comment or PM, hopefully if this is your practice you will look at this and determine if I am for real.

FAQ’s and Random Thoughts

Q: I don't see you... Continue»
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Why Are Self Pics So Erotic

I have been a member of this site long enough to have seen a wide variety of pictures and videos. Pictures remain my primary interest as the detail available in a picture far exceeds most amateur videos. And let me digress from my primary subject to mention amateur VS commercial pics and vids. If you do this for a living you are a professional or commercial producer, case closed!

I am so frustrated at times when I find an interesting video or picture gallery title marked as amateur only to find that the work is obviously produced by as a commercial venture. I refuse to watch commercial ... Continue»
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