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Unhappy with the new format? I am too, for now this link will allow you to go back to the old version. I am not sure how long this will work, I will remove it when XH takes this away so you aren't frustrated. Until then, I will be using the ol version.


Hello, welcome to my profile.

If you want to find me off this site my e-mail is at yahoo with danorth123 in front of it. I never share e-mail addresses and if you wish to stop hearing from me, simply tell me so and I go away. Hope to hear from you.

It occurred to me as I noticed that I have been a member of this site for 1000 days that most of my profile is that old, so here is a new profile that will hopefully survive as long as the old one did.

I accept women only as friends, sorry guys nothing personal, and if you send me a request please understand that I want to exchange some friendly chat messages. I do not collect friends as some sort of ego boost, I want to develop friendships and would love to be yours if we find some common interests.

The fact that you are looking at my profile tells me a couple things. First of all you were not drawn here by that sexy avitar pic of my hand on a keyboard. The avitar I have chosen represents me very well, I refuse to be defined by a picture of my genitals like so many other men on this site. Instead, I want my words to define me.

I suspect that you were either drawn here by pictures I have posted of flowers or vintage advertising or by one of my stories or comments on pics and vids. I consider comments on pics and vids as a way of introducing myself. If you do not like the comment I left, which is always polite and relate directly to your posted pic, then delete it or ignore it. I will not be offended, and if you really are offended that I posted a comment then drop me a note and I will respect your desire for me not to post comments. But, please, be polite, rude and offensive PM's and comments will get you blocked.

NOTE: A friend after trying to read my previous profile, "Any man would love to be as long as one of sentences and any woman would like him to be as wide as one your paragraphs." Another recent friend referred to this profile as "bookish", so I will keep this profile much shorter.

Who I am:

1.An aging Baby Boomer that refuses to go quietly
into that good night.

2.I consider myself to be a gentleman, not a term
used often these days.

3.I never stalk or persist contact if you say no,
and never get angry at being refused.

What I like:

1.I love porn, like so many others on here

2.I have this thing about breasts and nipples that
really trips my trigger

3.I love a well composed picture, lots of detail.

4.I love to read profiles and never comment or PM
without reading your profile

What I am NOT:

1.I am not tall, dark, and handsome, I am average

2.I am NOT well endowed, but everything still
works without a pill

3.I am not rude, over powering, or dominent

4.I am NOT a Master of anyone and do NOT
want to be such.

What I want:

1.I want conversation with a small group of friends

2.I want you to be happy with the contact with me

3.I want sexual gratification and seek others to
share in the experience

4.I do NOT want to meet, call you on the phone,
and do NOT want to be creepy


If you are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, viewing this site and my page(s) is unlawful. Also note that anything posted on my pages(s) is intended for adult viewers, that means you must be at a minimum of 18-years old or older depending on where you live. If you entertain a conversation with me and are under-age I would suggest that you will be discovered very quickly and I will take immediate action to see that you are not on this site.

To others of legal age, if you are into anything dealing with children (anyone below the age of legal consent) do not bother contacting me. I have no interest in chatting with you or sharing any page content with you. I am not interested in reading your stories about sex with underage persons, sharing pictures or videos, nor am I interested in hearing you argue some garbage about your motivations in this area. YOU ARE SICK, get some help before you ruin any more lives!

Here are my original rules as it applies to those trying to deceive:

1.I was NOT born yesterday (I am over 60 years old)
2.I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck (this means I
have a reasonable education, many life’s experiences,
and NOT your fool)
3.I have been around the block a few times and if you
want the following information you can expect to be
blocked and in some cases reported to a higher authority:
a Social Security Number – I know you are not
with the Social Security Administration so don’t
ask (read #1 and #2 above)
b.Credit Card Number – I am NOT here to buy
anything so why would you want that information?
Again, read #1 and #2 above)
c.Phone Number – I am not here to make phone
contact with anyone and will not give you that
information (Ditto, #1 & #2)
d.My Real Name, Duh, danorth is NOT my real name
and try as you might you will NOT connect it to my
real name
e.Shoe Size or Bowel Movement Schedule – This
is a joke, but it seems that some people may want
to know more than I am willing to share and lust
in my heart never overrides my common sense
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1 month ago
Been a while, I peeked at your favorites and stopped to see your flowers.
4 months ago
Here's the revamped invite. Please send to all your female friends and a few select males. We need more boobies! Lol.


The party is on October 17, 2014. It will begin 8 pm Central Standard USA time

It is an online party. Just log in and go to xhamster.com/user/PartyPlayHouse

ATTENDANCE IS BY INVITATION ONLY so send your request to attend the party to SassyBri at xhamster.com/user/SassyBri or to Leaflee at xhamster.com/user/Leaflee. Please send your request for an invitation by October 10, 2014 so we have time to review your profile. We’re not snobs. We just want to try and ensure our guests are compatible!!
If you are accepted, we will send you a Friend Request to the PartyPlayHouse profile. It helps if you already know someone on the Friends list of PPH so please reference them when you send your request. We will do our best to review late invitation requests but cannot promise a response as we’ll be busy preparing for the party.

It's really very simple. You just jump in and start making comments on the profile wall or in the various specialty blog “rooms” and chat with other partiers! It’s a porn site so believe me there will be some very special room blogs!! Leaflee (Leslee) and I will host the party so ask us any questions before or during the party.

You may if you'd like. Send the link to your favorite internet image or one of your own making to the PartyPlayHouse PM box. SassyBri will add the image to a blog room specifically showcasing the member's that choose to have costumed representatives. Other's will be represented by their profile page avatar.

Trolls will not be tolerated. There will be a blog room dedicated to REPORTING TROLLS. Attacks will be cut short, and Trolls will be immediately BLOCKED.

Just contact SassyBri at xhamster.com/user/SassyBri or Leaflee at xhamster.com/user/Leaflee
They will answer your questions on their profile pages.


EXPERIENCE the PartyPlayHouse
4 months ago
You have one of the nicest profiles here.
So good to see a man like you are still around!
Take care
5 months ago


Have a great weekend.
Bottoms up!

SassyBri ~
6 months ago
Fine Sentiments, with which I wholeheartedly agree.
From a fellow senior and life traveller
8 months ago
thanks for the amazing comments on my photos. you are a true gentleman
9 months ago
Cyber party invite.

Well, I'm thinking about talking to Leaflee about a "glow in the dark" body painting (edible, of course) contest. Leslie and I will apply the body paint to party goers. The party guests would then get to take turns guessing who's body was underneath the paint. Whoever guessed right would then get to lick a portion of the paint off a body part making it harder and "harder" to guess who it is.

Sounds like a delectable idea to me!

Who's in?


SassyBri ~
11 months ago
Have a wonderfully wicked weekend!

SassyBri ~
11 months ago
Thank you for the sentiment, hope you had a great Valentine's Day
11 months ago
ᕼᗩᖰᖰᎩ ᐯᗩᒪᗴﬡ☂ᓰﬡᗴ'ᔕ ↁᗩ૪!
ᗷᓮᘐ ᕼᘮᘐ & ᒪᗢᐯᙓ
12 months ago
Thank you for your kind comment.
1 year ago
hi love to be your friend and interested in erotic roleplay chats
1 year ago
Sorry...haven't been on xh in a couple of days.
Wanted to say a quick hello and a thank you for the add. :)
1 year ago
Dan, wishing you a very.....

. ✶•´ ☆´,•*´¨★ 2014
☆´¸.•★´ ¸.✶* ☆★
☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ .˚✰˚ ˛★.* 。. ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚
/▌*˛˚░ٌٌٌӇ░ٌٌٌƛ░ٌٌٌƤ░ٌٌٌƤ░ٌٌٌƳ ░ٌٌٌ░ٌٌٌƝ░ٌٌٌЄ░ٌٌٌƜ░ٌٌٌ░ٌٌٌ Ƴ░ٌٌٌЄ░ٌٌٌƛ░ٌٌٌƦ░ٌٌٌ!░˚ ✰* ★
/ \★ *˛˚♥♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥♥ 。✰˚*˚★ღ ˚。✰

gяεคт v¡Ъяคт¡σหร & εหεяgყ! ☮, ❤ & ☯
1 year ago
Happy, Happy New Year Dan!

SassyBri ~ XoXoXoXo
1 year ago
belated Merry Christmas!!!! :) lol I got your comment about hearing santa baby on the radio! haha! sorry! lol
1 year ago
Dan, haven't spoken in a while...hope you're well.
came to wish you a....

ℳɛɾɾƴ ∗ℂɦɾɩşƭɱɑş

☆┊ ◕ ┊ ❤
❤ ◕ ❤ ◕
┊ ┊◕
┊ ❤ ◕
❤ ◕

˜“˜❤ ƤЄƛƇЄ ❤ ԼƠƔЄ ❤ ԼIƓӇƮ ❤˜“˜
1 year ago
Thank you
1 year ago
Would you like to be a part of my project blog post Dan? I would love to see your input there...
Miss you!
SassyBri ~

Have a restful weekend my sweet.
1 year ago
Dan!...How lovely to see you :)
I love your dirty mind!...Wouldn't change it for the world!...And love that you post your thoughts in a public forum!...
Hope you're well.
Tomorrow, I plan on going back and swimming another mile!...

Thank you for your visit!...
Hope you're well and staying safe and healthy.
1 year ago
I actually AM attracted to your avatar. Refreshing to find one grownup on here that knows what a 45 rpm record is. Enjoy your xhamster experience. Take care
1 year ago
thank's for deserving comment's.
1 year ago
Hi Dan. Just stopping by to tell you Hello and I was thinking of you...

SassyBri ~
1 year ago
How was your weekend?
1 year ago
Dan, came to say hello and ask how you are?...
1 year ago
1 year ago
Have a happy, safe, sexy Labor Day weekend! Thinking about you...

SassyBri ~
1 year ago
1 year ago
You always make me smile, hope I do the same :)
1 year ago

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