a few things that have happened with my sexy wife

so thought id share a little more today, but would like to say again these are not sex stories as such, im no writer. they are just things that have happened to me, if you want a real story then this wont be for you.

so if you have read part one you will know that my wife and her s****r are little sluts and have been since there mid teens lol. this is something that happened 3 years ago, before me and jessica were married and she still lived at home with her parents. i was 21 jess 19 and joanne who this is about was 20. i had been out in town for the night getting pissed with my mates as per usual for a friday, jess had stayed in doing some college work i think. joanne however was out aswell done up to the nines like a little whore, tiny blue dress her long tanned legs in high heels, titties spilling out the front, she looked nice, all my mates were giving it cor yours birds s****r is fit love to fuck her etc lol.

i saw her on the dancefloor a few times getting her arse grabbed and showing herself off. anyway about 12 i left to head back to jess's so i could fuck her before she went to sl**p lol, so after i had done that it was about 2 and jessica was fast asl**p in bed however i was still awake courtesy of the couple of lines my pal had given me earlier. i made a joint and snuck downstairs out to the back garden to smoke it.

so ive nearly smoked it when i hear a car pull up, the doors slam and then high heels tottering up the path, it must be joanne coming home i think so i stay out back finish my joint then go in the house. i come in the back into the kitchen and i cant hear anything so i start walking down the hall to go upstairs but i can see the lamp on in the front room, as i get closer i can hear the unmistakeable slurping sound of cock getting sucked. the dirty bitch i think to myself, may aswell have a quick look. i peek in and sure enough theres joanne, dress pulled down a bit so her tits hang out on her knees sucking some big bald guy, must have been atleast 40, by know my dick is rock hard aswell lol.

next thing she has stood up turned around pulled her knickers, a pink thong tonite,down to her ankles and bent over the arm of the sofa.
big man has just lifted her dress up so it folded over her back and shoved it right in, i did get a quick look at it and he looked quite big. she must have told him everyone was home cos they were being really quiet, all i could hear was his balls slapping her tight arse. by now i have to admit i was wanking off a bit, i told jess that aswell the next day lol. so this went on for a couple of minutes when i guess she must have felt him tensing up cos i heard her say no not in me, so he pulls out and sprays it all over her dress lol, at this point i snuck upstairs, after a couple of minutes i heard the fromt door go so i stuck my head out the window to get another look at him and he has walked onto the street and got into a taxi, in the drivers door lol, the little slut had let the taxi driver in to fuck her. i guess she didnt have any money lol and that explains why he was so old .

the next day she was really hungover and i found her blue dress in the wash basket in the bathroom and couldnt resist a look, sure enough the back of it was splatted with cum lol. hope you all enjoy love to hear your comments, till next time goodbye.
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1 month ago
Damn - missed fucking her as well
4 months ago
haha, great story. Wishing my wife had a sister too now :D
6 months ago
soo..nothing my brothers in law haven't seen..no harm in being "fun"!
11 months ago
beuatiul, but if very srunk u should have had her too
1 year ago
Cut the joints a bit, you lol and sound really dull
1 year ago
there's just something about being a voyeur that makes my cock twitch, thanks for the story.
1 year ago
very hot, love to hear more