Dreams of a cashier (2)

(before reading this, read part one first)

It took Lillian about five minutes to gather herself and then it struck her like a lightning bolt! She had just being frigging herself off in public, in front of a stranger... so to speak...!

At first she felt ashamed.. not knowing what to do and think, but the erotic side of the thought came over her, she felt the hot inside her whelm up again. She discovered then, that she got slightly aroused just by thinking of public, sex, masturbation, strangers...

Time to cash up and leave, she gives her dayly till slip and cash drawer to Marian, her boss, shuts the door behind her and starts walking towards the bus stop. Her bus will be here in about ten minutes, so sits down under the shielded stop. The slight chill of the night cools down her pants on he wet patch were she was oozing a few minutes ago in the shop. Her first reaction is to drop her hand onto the patch and cover it with her four fingers in a flat way while staying seated, but while doing that, she gets a tingling feeling at her nipples... and clit too. It's as if she never came down from her high of earlier and her clit was still throbbing and tingling to the slightest touch.

She starts pressing harder against her clit and keeps it there... oh that's nice... her hips push forward involuntry and she can feel her nipples harden against the inside of her shirt, the combination of the coldness of the night and the breeze moving her shirt against her nipples make the sensation so unbearable, but fuck... oh so nice...

Her hips start to rock back and forth in a very slow motion, almost undetectable for others, but so true to Lillian. In this very high state of arousal, she's aware of being in public at the mercy of anyones eyes, but strangely, this arouses her more. The thought of someone maybe watching her touching herself is so erotic and horny that she decides to pull her stomach in and sliding her hand inside her pants for better access. Oh god, that's so wet and hot down there, she slides her hand over her pussy mound and slips one finger so easy between her pussylips, it almost feels like she's swallowing her hand.

Her ring finger follows her middlefinger to the inside of her wetness and being sat down, she has to part her legs ever so slightly to give easier access. This feels so tight inside and her pussy muscles start contracting so she could feel it on her fingers inserted. She just wants more, she wants to come right here, right now... so fucking horny.... so wet.... so hot. Her fingers start wriggling inside her in a side by side movement, deeper, she can feel the ribbed inside of her wet pussy walls, pulling tighter on her fingers, her nipples so hard, it almost hurts.

The bus just before hers, pulls in at the busstop, two lovebirds get off without even noticing her, she keeps on pounding her pussy inside with her curled fingers, wriggling, pushing, her hips rock... forward... push hard... in...up! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!! I'm.... uuuhggg c...c...c...cumming!!!!!

As the bus pulls off, she looks up and straight into the biggest blue eyes of a passenger on the bus, his mouth hanging in awe, turnes into a smile. She smiles back, almost shy-ish, but with a naughty glance... "I'll get you again" she thinks while taking her soaking hand out of her jeans and straight to her mouth, to taste her own love cum...

She sits and wait for her bus to arrive, a little shaky in the legs still from the immence orgasm she just had...

"That was soooo intense, have to do that again, it beats everything I've ever done before" she thinks, while jittering onto her bus...

....To be continued......
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