My dirty Girlfriend gets carried away and shags my

Well I thought I would share a true story of a night i'll never forget. I was out in Cardiff with a good mate of mine Kevin. Kevin was a good mate of mine from college. A handsome lad that is the same age as me 27. He's 6ft, with black short hair and a tanned muscular body. He's a hit with the ladies and my girlfriend Ceri of six years has never hidden the fact that she fancies him.

Ceri who's 25, blonde, with perky breast, a curved peachy bum, sexy legs and a pretty innocent face. She's a shy girl but come's out of her shell when she's had a few drink's like most of us do. All in all she's a fit, good looking, sweet girl with a cracking arse.
When me and Ceri have been on a night out together we've always flirted with other's of the opposite sex. We never spoke about shagging others. Flirting with other's on a night out just happened when we were d***k. We both just have a laugh and have a bit of flirty fun. I love showing off her sexy arse to my mates by lifting up her bum cheek high skirt's she wears. My friends would always have a checky feel. She loves it. To be honest when I was out with my mates and Ceri was with me, my mates wouldn't leave her arse alone.

Sex with her is amazing when we come back to our flat from a night out. She'll be so turned on by all the hands touching her sexy bum all night. I don't mind and im not a jealous person. I love watching her enjoying herself and it does turn me on knowing she's been touched up all night. A few times she's gone out with no knickers on and a few of my mates have been lucky enough to have a play with her loverly juicy pussy. She loves this and the sex is even better when we get home.

Anyway back to the night out. Me and my mate Kev was having a good few pints in town. We've made our way to a club and are just sampling the local ladies while having a pint. I then get a text from Ceri who's was also out with her friend's saying ''She's bored and asked i was to?'' I text her were I was and she text back saying. ''I'll be there in five.'' I said to Kev you don't mind if Ceri joins us and he said '' Not at all.''

Ceri loves Kev and loves a harmless flirt with him. Within five minutes Ceri turns up wearing a skin tiet black top and a black short skirt. The bottom of her bum cheeks was on show and her perch tits stood out in her top to. She looked so sexy with not much clothing on. She comes in gives me a sloppy passionate kiss on the lips and gives Kevin the same. Kevin tells Ceri ''your looking hot tonight Ceri.'' I tell her ''Jesus how sexy are you looking tonight? My darling.'' Then the three of us make our way to the bar and have a load of shots. We were already a bit pissed, after the shots the three of us were d***k.

The Three of us decide to sit down at the back of the club. Ceri sits in between me and Kev and say's to me ''Can I give Kev a snog? His lips look so kissable.'' If you must darling. So to my amazment they start snogging for about 30secs. Kev know's im easy going.

After they stopped snogging Ceri put one leg on Kevin's lap and one leg on my lap.Then sat back to show off her knickers '' Do you like my french red knickers boys?'' I couldn't help myself I just lift her knickers to the side and just ran my finger up and down her pussy in full veiw of kevin.'' Your turn.'' When I stopped Ceri said to Kev. So he ran his fingers up and down her pussy slipping them in and out. Ceri loved this. She then said to me ''Take my knickers off Dan.'' I said to Ceri ''calm down were in a club.'' But it was dark and no one was watching. Kev say's can I have the pleasure.'' She slightly lifts her legs up for kev to peel them off giving him full view of her gorgeous wet pussy. Have a lick Kev.''Can I'' he said to me. ''Go for it I replied.'' Its was such a turn on watching her getting licked out by Kev and her being such a dirty slut. I was so hard and I imagine kev was to.

After Ceri had a minute or two of getting licked out by Kev. We all went on the dance floor. Both of us were feeling up Ceri's bum and pussy. While she was dancing saucy with us. I fella dancing on the dance floor also had a feel of her bum and pussy.

After a hour of dancing to some good house music we made our way out of the club into the que for a taxi. I thought I would be going home and having good sex with Ceri talking about what went on. As we got to the front of the taxi que Ceri said to Kev ''Come back to ours and watch me fuck.'' A Taxi pulled up, we all jumped in the back of a six seater cab. Ceri's all over kev in the taxi by this time i'v thought to myself were having a threesome. As were getting out of the taxi Ceri say to me '' Im fucking Kev tonight lover''.

We get in the flat, go into the living room and Ceri's taken her skirt off and shoes. She sits on the sofa and spreads her legs. She starts sliding a a finger in and out of her soaking swollon pussy. She then pulls her top and bra off to show off her amazing tits. Ceri tells Kev ''Get your cock out your fucking me first.'' Kev's naked in no time and slip's his 9inch plus fat cock inside her. Oh its bigger than yours she moans. I was so turned on to care I just got my cock out and but it in Ceri's mouth. She was sucking my 7inch cock while getting shafted so hard by Kev. She's was loving it and was climaxing several times.

We made our way to the bedroom were we took it in turns shagging her over the bed from behind. Were Kev also had a five minute tit wank off her and aslo facefucked (something i'v never done with her}. Then she said ''I
want kev to have my arse.'' I'v only ever shagged her in the arse once before so I was so surpised. ''I better go first Kev, it's tiet mate'' I said. So I pushed my cock in her beautiful tiet arse hole and fucked it for five minutes. Then Kev ramped his fat cock inside her arse. We then took in turns shagging her arse, pussy and mouth at the same time. While she's aslo sucked and wanked us off. She loved the double penetrationthe most.

I final cum in her pussy and laid on the bed exhausted. It was 4am and I was tired and wanted to go asl**p. Kev and Ceri wasn't finish thou. Kevin took her into the living room were he fucked her for another two hours eventually cuming all over her stunning breast. He then shot a second load in her pussy. I know this because they were keeping me awake.

Kev went home around seven sunday morning. He text me to say ''What amazing girlfriend you got and it was a one off. He's been cool about it since and to my knowlegde has kept it to hiself. Ceri made me fuck her while she was full up with Kev's spunk till i shot a 3rd load in her cuming dripping pussy.

Ceri said to me ''Its something i'v always wanted to do and it won't happen agian.'' I said to her ''I enjoyed watching you be a filthy little slut and if she wants it agian just ask.'' Years have gone by and we have had a c***d now. It was an amazing experience. We don't talk about the threesome much. But Ceri fancies a friend I work with. She's said to me ''I want to fuck him.'' So in the near future we could be having all that fun again. Its been on my mind laterly so I thought I would share my story with you guys. Thanks for reading your's Danny.

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1 year ago
Go for it. Your wife sounds like a hot sexy woman.
1 year ago
great story! post more ! just perfect!
1 year ago
Thanks for the comments guys. no pics as of yet will update some asap
1 year ago
Excellent story mate
1 year ago
sounds like ye would make great swingers love to hear more stories
1 year ago
Nice story.
Any pics of your babe?
1 year ago
Like it.