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After our morning fun in her cubicle, i couldnt wait to get her alone at lunch. I message her and ask her where she wants to go. She tells me, anywhere i want to go is fine. We decide to go to a little burger joint not far from the office.

One the way to the resteraunt, i reach over and slide my hand up her skirt and start rubbing her pussy over the top of her panties. She seems to enjoy it, but it is hard for me to get inside her panties, so i ask her to slide them off. She lifts her butt up a little off the seat, and slides her red satin panties down and off of her sexy legs.

I slide my hand back under her skirt and start rubbing her pussy. I then slip my middle finger into her tight bald pussy and start finger fucking her as i drive us to lunch. She is really orgasmic, meaning that it doesnt take a lot to make her cum. I really love this about her. So i continue my assault on her pussy and she starts to shake and i feel her pussy clamping down on my finger. Next thing i know, she is cumming all over my finger and she is making the cutest face as she cums.

We get to the resteraunt and order our food and find a seat. She didnt put her panties back on as i requested that she leave them off. So she stuck them in her purse. While we are eating, i cant help but stare at her adorable face and rub her hand as we talk. We finish our lunch and get up to return back to work.

On the way back to work, i tell her that my truck is pretty dirty and i need to stop by the car wash real quick to wash it. She is a little surprised when i pull up to the automatic drive thru car wash. I deposit my money and drive into the wash. As the wash begins, i unbutton my pants and unzip them, to pull out my cock. I tell her, when the windows become covered with soap, to come give me a blow job.

The carrier goes by covering my windshield with soap and she leans over and takes my cock in her hand. She is still sitting in the passenger seat, but basically laying over on the seat as she takes my cock into her warm mouth. I reach over and pull her skirt from under her butt and lift it up, allowing me access to her cute ass. She leans forward a little more and opens her legs, which allows me access to her tight pussy from behind.

She really starts sucking my cock as i slide my finger into her wet pussy. I get my finger really wet in her pussy, and decide to insert it into her ass. She objects at first, telling me she is still an anal virgin, but i tell her i will be gentle and i just want to finger her cute little ass while she blows me. She decides to let me proceed, as she begins to slobber on my cock and really start to deep throat me.

I have my index finger in her ass up to the second knuckle and she is really starting to enjoy it. She bobs her head up and down, burying her nose in my pubic hair as i finger fuck her cute little virgin ass. She starts to moan about the same time my own orgasm is approaching. My balls start to tighten and i can feel my load making its way from my balls up my shaft. She orgasms as i continue to finger her ass. I put my hand on the back of her head and push my cock further down her throat as i unleash my load deep inside her throat. She cleans my cock as i remove my finger from her ass and to our surprise, the car wash was over. We both laughed as i pull out of the car wash and see a vehicle parked outside the exit of the car wash with a guy sitting inside with a smile on his face. I guess wasnt the only one enjoying my lunch today.
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