Imagine I slowly start to kiss your soft wet and moist lips which are red as roses our mouthes touch u start to have a reaction between your thighs I slowly put my hands down on to your back where I move just my fingertips down your spine you shiver and moan softly you smile as our kissing comes more passionate our tongues come intwined in each other mouthes exploring I then move my lips from yours to your neck where I slowly kiss and bite gently from the top to the bottomI then slowly take off you dress where I see your Nice and soft breasts were I gently to play with your nice nipples through your nice bra I then place my hands on your back where I take your bra off I then start to kiss down your neak I move my mouth over to you breasts and start to kiss and bite and suck your nipples u moan for more as am sucking your breasts I slowly put my hand on your nice stomach and move to your inner thigh your pussy is starting to become wet my hand and fingertips move up slow to your wet pussy my fingers meet your nice black panties I remove them I then put my finger on your clit and gently start to rub it slow to start you start to moan a little louder as I start to pick up speed you are getting more excited your pussy starts to respond to my touch I then start to insert one finger slowly you are tightI then kiss down your stomach to you inside thigh I then kiss up slowly as an fingering you I then take out my finger and replace it with my tongue I then lick the clit and move up and down to your hot and very wet tight pussy you moan louder and you want more I then get faster licking you you start to shake and you say your about to cum and you do hard.
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