My Week last Week

So it was pretty good. I never met a guy this fucking horny before, literally came three times.
So I was wearing my black wig, awesome makeup, plad miniskirt, thigh highs/w knee high gogo boots, and cute top with my forms in.
So I start sucking this guy who is rock hard when i step out of the bathroom of the hotel room. He has a nice 7 inch dick, but he is young and athletic.
Im enjoying myself and he grabs the back of my head and starts forcing his dick down my throat, so im like ok, he wants it like that. And like that he did!
He told me he wanted to fuck me and put me on the bed. I positioned myself on my back and he put on his condom. He then climbed over me, lubed up my hole telling me hot i looked and how good my pussy looked. He then put it in, and began to fuck right. I fucking assgasmed in no time and this dude is just puting in work right. Well im pretty flexible, so next thing you know it, my legs pinned back by my head and this guy is just burying his bone! I mean hard, he aint playing, and im in heaven. He pulls out and cums all over my clit, and says hold on. That mother fucker then puts on another condom, flips me over onto my stomach and starts just r****g the shit out of me.
Like he had just cum, and bam he was at it again. Guess it was just the marine in him, I could tell from the tattoos, but he just flipped, and went balls deep.
So now im on my stomach just getting punished and loving it, and i swear he is averaging a 3 pumps a second. Im like in orgasm the whole time, and then he grabs my shoulders hard, and thrust deep as he can and just bursts inside me, filling his condom.
So is he done? no. He says i wanna see you cum, so i give him some lube and tell him to fist fuck me. He instantly gets so turned on, i turn on my spread my legs and he eases in me. He gets in and starts just working my clit. I jack off and finish with a fucking lava stream since his hand is in me, and he just bury's his face in my mess.
So im done, laying there quivering and he lays over me and jacks off, cumming again.
So im ruined and he puts his clothes on and leaves.
All i can say, is god damn that was awesome! Sad thing is, this little slut was not done and entertained two other men that night, but they were not my marine.
88% (10/1)
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3 months ago
No sounded liked you were dressed up so sexy!!! Just thinking about the makeup...thigh highs and go-go me so excited as well. Mmmmmm ;-)
2 years ago
now thats getting your moneys worth and then some.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Lucky guy!