Well i dont know ?

Well right now im sat on xhamster.com feeling pretty horny and in the mood to have a wank but i feel like talking to somebody or telling a story so here i go.

Last night i was a some festival out in the country somewhere , i was there on the look out for some pussy so there i was sat down watching this one chick who wasnt very pretty and a little bit chubby but i was feeling in the mood for some fat cunt. At around midnight i saw her walking back to her tent alone and paraletic i followed her for a bit then i went up to her and asked if she was ok but she said she was lost and couldnt find her tent so i invited her back to mine.

Eventually we were there and she was sat on my blow up mattress and she asked for a drink so i gave her a a glass of vodka and coke with a little something special soon after she passed out on the mattress so i leaned over and lifted her little skirt up and started rubbing her fat soft ass then i moved her top down just under her massive tits , i unclipped her bra and began sucking her precious pink nipples i then pulled her thong down and i was about to touch her pussy but then i thought that what i was doing was completely wrong and disgusting i moved back and just sat there for a while staring at her then she began to wake up and saw her clothes were half off and she look** at me and smiled and told me to carry on with what ever i was doing so i did.

I shoved my 10in cock into her big fat juicy pussy and moved back and forward thrusting my hips like never before , not before long she was having a screaming orgasm just as i was about to cum there was a bang on the tent door and it was this young couple asking what all the noise was so i invited them in and they seemed to like what they saw , we had a little chat over a few beers and they told us that they were swingers, i could see on their faces that they were eager to join in so me and the young man of about 20 started spitroastin this random fat chick i picked up earlier while the young lady was on my camping chair fingering her little pink pussy then she came over and started sucking mu cock and she was gagging just as me and the yound man finished we both pulled out our cocks and cummed all over the fat ladys tits and face the young girl was jealous so she started to lick my cum of the other girls face and then i shoved my tounge in her big juicy ass as we all came together x

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