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well the other day when i was on this site looking for some masturbation tips so i would be able to have the most intense orgasm of my life i came across sometheing about anal masturbation for men and i read on in this and found out about my p spot so i went to the bathroom ran a bath and got in when i got in i began to clean my ass with various things i was using shower gel and my hand , after a while i decided to go in so i push one finger through and it felt great when i got out the bath i got my expensive parket pin and started inserting the end into my anus i was loving it but i wanted someting bigger to get in their so i used 3 fingers to widen my a hole and i then put some lube around a cola bottle and i put it on the floor and sat on it like it was a massive dick going into my ass and it was so intense, i was moving up and down on it while i was jacking off as hard as i could and when i came i caught it in my hand and used it as lube and i started licking mu cum up from my hand it had a strange taste and i didnt know if i liked it or not but i carried on after about another 15 minuites i came again and this time just as i came my girlfriend walked into the room with another man ,my cum hit him in the face and she started to lick it off then they both walked over to me and she started to suck my hard pulsating cock while he pulled the bottle out of my ass and he started to give me a rim job it felt so amazing, we have been meeting up and doing this nearly every night for 2 months now, send me a message if you would like to join in one day :) x
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3 years ago
4 years ago
so hard to find straight guys on this site lol.
4 years ago
Decent, but are you allergic to punctuation?
4 years ago
Well sometime I've read stories that are hard to belive this is one of them if its fiction it a great wet dream if its ture that you need to wirte more stories about you gf and her friend togther with you all fucking would be great to read thanks
4 years ago
This is all true :)