My First Encounters - My Story - Part 2

So there i stood, naked, fully erect in front of this huge muscular russian dude, and we both know how this is going to end.
This man was standing so close to me, staring at my 6 inch decent cock, smiling... I was so little in body and cock comparing to this guy. I am sure he is working at the docks or something. His english is bad, but his body language was pretty clear to me.
"GET OVER HERE" he said, grabbed my neck and started french kissing me with passion only d***k people have.
It was a new sensation for me to kiss a man, feeling his tongue exploring my mouth. it was both disgusting and passionate at the same time. I felt confused and aroused like I have never been before.
As we were kissing, his hands started feeling my body. grabbing me by my ass cheeks, massaging them gently, pushing my body slowing to his. I felt his huge cock, so thick and pulsing, on me. thrusting slowing against my belly. "This is definitely just the beginning" I thought. I am going to try to please this man, I just hope he won't tear me apart.
As his hands was getting to know my body, I started caressing his body with my hands.. his massive chest, thighs, ass..."he is perfect for my first time" I thought. slowly I got down on my knees, until I was staring at his beautiful piece of work, half erect now (I guess he was not enthused by my virginity as I was). I opened my mouth, letting his rod inside my mouth, hugging it with my lips, playing with my tongue, stroking it gently with my right hand and again: back in the mouth, holding it in while moving my tongue slowing...waiting for it to grow inside. and it did. It grew bigger and bigger. after a minute or so, I found out that my technique which sufficed for my first gay encounter, is not going to hold with this guy. my mouth was just too small for this guy (so I thought).
Sadly, I was not to decide when to stop. As I was stopping sucking his cock, and taking some deep breathes, this guy grabbed my head by my hair and f***ed me to take him fully inside my mouth. i was not ready...I started gasping, breathing heavily while this guy was literally fucking my mouth. I wish I could say it was a turn on for me (as it is for you). I was loosing oxygen really quickly as I couldn't breath right, my hard on cock was now flaccid as I was loosing control over my body. i felt like vomiting as this cock was getting farther and farther inside my throat. I tried to fight but I was helpless against the strength of this guy. His hands were so big I felt I am being played. and just before I blacked out. he stopped. letting me to catch a breath, get some fresh air inside my lungs. I said to myself, this has gone too far. I need to explain to this guy that I am inexperienced, only sucked off a taxi driver once, making my fantasy come true and that's it. This wasn't part of my fantasy, getting choked in a gay sauna by a d***k russian.
I said to him: "hey man, this is my first time with a man so be gentle. I don't... SLAP!!
I was shocked. this guy just slapped me. This was a major turnoff for me. This had gone to far. I can't fight this guy, but I am definitely not going to let him fuck me. What did I think to myself. what a fool. I am going to get out of here, and continue my straight life, finding a nice girl and get married...
"That's it, I am out" I said. SLAP AGAIN!
"Shut up, pretty boy" he said with lust. I am going to fuck you now. "TURN AROUND AND SPREAD YOUR ASS OPEN FOR ME".
My pride vanished. I was alone in this world. Alone, with a maniac which a huge cock that is going to fill my gaping ass whether I like it or not. I was still shocked as he turned my body around with my ass facing his front and bent my back so I had to be on fours. the touch of the cold floor gave me the shivers. I was waiting for his next move which was pretty obvious.

Suddenly I felt his finger probing my ass, feeling my anus, trying to expand it, make it loose.."LET GO" he said. "LET GO, BOY."
So I let go, arching my back so my inner muscles will be looser. Then I felt his finger goes dipper, expanding my asshole, and another finger. I was screaming painfully. This is not what I had in mind. I always fantasised about being fucked by a man (like most of the straight people I guess), but I did not imagine the small details, like being fingered roughly, being slapped, treated like a boy...
Slowing the pain was replaced by something else. As my asshole was loose now (so I thought), I felt so turned on as his fingers kept probing my hole. It felt fucking good. I noticed that my hole got lubed naturally somehow and I started moaning without noticing. my cock was fully erect now and I had only one thing in mind: FUCK ME. i said. I WANT TO FEEL YOU INSIDE ME. I dreamed about saying this words to a man, and my dream is about to come true.

And then he stopped. his fingers disappeared. I felt something else now, pushing its way inside me. it was much bigger and thicker than his two fingers. i couldn't move and my breath was getting heavier. As he pushed it in, he kept spitting on his cock. "GET A LUBE OR SOMETHING. THIS IS TOO MUCH. I screamed. He didn't answer, as he kept on trying to get his massive rod inside me. his hands were spreading my cheeks and holding me as I was getting torn by him.
After a few minutes of excruciating pain, he managed to get it all in. I was on all fours, with my head facing the ground, with my asshole wrapping the biggest cock I have ever seen and felt. It was hurting me in the stomach. Something is wrong. I can't handle such a big cock. AHHH, AHHHH, AHHH. My thoughts were replaced by moaning, as he started to move his cock in and out me...
The pain gradually was replaced by something else, it felt so good. AHH, AHHH FUCK ME... I was surprised by myself.. this guy was tearing me apart, and it feels so good I forgot myself; I am cumming, I can't help it...The though of getting fucked silly was too much for me, and I shot my spunk on the floor while being violated. The strongest one I have ever had. I guess once you have a cock inside you, stimulating your prostate or something, things feel different.

YOU LIKE IT ROUGHT AH BITCH? the russian guy, was whispering while fucking me. I was in a different world now. feeling every inch of this glorious cock thrusting deeper and deeper inside me. I am pleasuring a guy. A person I don't even know his name.
And then he stopped, telling me to roll over on my back. I was obeying without a word, feeling like a little boy, or a little girl being told what to do. He knows best. I must make him happy I thought.
He was holding me by the knees, making my ass go higher and spreading my cheeks open. Then he started fucking me slowly. making my asshole familiar with this new posture. Again I felt some pain in my lower stomach. I guess this posture is for "advanced" gay, I thought. Nevertheless, i got used to it pretty quickly as the pace of him fucking me was getting faster. So I got more and more relaxed and started enjoying this experience. I was watching the ceiling, watching this guy fucking me, the lust on his face, his heavy, alcohol-breath. the sweat on his body as he was pleasuring me, my stomach getting up with every thrust of his heavenly cock.
Suddenly, to my surprise, my cock was getting hard again. When he so it, he started stroking me with his right hand while fucking me hardly.It felt so good, I thought I am loosing it. He was fucking me so hard, I felt his nuts with every thrust. I was moaning like a bitch.I couldn't even get out of this situation and looking at myself for aside, I was so into it. FUCK ME HARDER. I begged.

After a few minutes, I felt that something is happening, his left hand, still holding my leg, was clutching strongly my leg, and I felt a pulsing sensation inside my ass. I AM GOING TO CUM INSIDE YOU. he yelled.
FUCK..he is not protected. fuck, I am so stupid. He didn't put a condom and I didn't ask him to. THis is my first time, I was so excited I forgot rule number one. It never happened to me with a girl, why the hell should it happen to me with a man...
Sadly, it was too late, his thrusts towards the ending sequence were so strong, my body was actually moving each time. I didn't care anymore. We will deal with that later. All I could do is to focus on this sensation. I was moaning like an a****l as it was ending gloriously. He was pushing his cock one last time, as he exploded inside me. I felt his cum, like oceans waves shattering on the beach, filling me, gushing. It was too much..I AM CUMMING TOO, I moaned as I sprayed my belly and chest with my sticky cum.
There we stayed, frozen, gasping, for a few seconds, he was still cumming, getting in inside me until the last drop.

And then, he pulled it out, allowing me to let his fluids out of me. I felt that my anus was so wet. I was so wet, sticky, filled with men cum. I was a bit sore, still breathing heavily, lying on my back. I didn't care about that russian dude anymore. it could have been a fat black dude or a hairy grandpa..I just wanted him to go away. I need to digest what just happened to me. This is big

My life will never be the same now.

To be continued? (depends on you)
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1 year ago
Thanks for the warm words :-)
Speaking of warm, nice cock you've got there...
1 year ago
dont digest what happened for too long......i need to read more