OMG - What's happening to me ?

Well ! Something wonderful is happening down there below.....ever since I came out I have recovered the partial use of my cock...not that there's anything special in that actually. I mean, it still worked before, but not so well as it does now that its getting sucked and I'm giving head every now and then....

But the truly wonderful thing that's happening is that I'm becoming a whore. Pro bono of course.

I would never have believed that there is such a naturally perverse and delightful demand for Daddies....- some even say that the older the better. I don't go for old men myself but if I seek a 27 year-old guy to suck me off and to suck him, why should I be surprised that 26 year-olds look for a 75 year-old cock for their pleasure and mine ?

Mustn't be hypocritical, politically incorrect now, - must we ?

But that too is not the thing.....what is happening is that thanks to the expanding circle of web-site connections being made and feeling more comfortable all the time with broader publication of my phone number and e-mail address, - (how else can we ever connect up ?) - my world is changing.

I get phone-calls.

Do you suck ?
I beg your pardon - cum again....?
I asked if you sucked.....
Oh ! Yes of course....
What do you want ?
Well, I like to be sucked back.....
No, No, No - how much do you want ?
Nothing - I mean, I'm in this for the sex, not the money....

I said that ? I'm no bum-boy 'cos when I started getting fit before cumming out and lost about 10 kilos, most of it came off my bum so there's more than a few wrinkles around there, not the lovely round bulbs we all love on a young man..... It's still a good bum though, - muscular from years of playing rugby and rowing and riding a desk, - but I'm no bum-boy.....

But to be offered ? Wonderful. I was so excited. Shocked into playing this new role, I couldn't resist saying that he could always buy me a little gift afterwards, and he seemed happy with that. He'll ring back....d.v.

Another guy phoned who was very hesitant with his questions and styled them so vaguely that I was hardly relating....I suddenly found myself adopting the role of the sympathetic whore, bringing him out more and more until he was saying exactly what he wanted to say and making my ears burn.....Oh that was wonderful, - helping him unload what was obviously a heavy burden.

He still caught me off-guard when he asked if I did phone-sex ? Well, I try to be honest and mentioned that I had little expertience in it but would give it my best in shoot....because I was only interested in two people making each other happy.....and he liked that.

That was this morning and it prompted me to write this.

I'm going off to masturbate now because there's a lot of tingling down below and no-one to relieve me of it for the time being. But what the fuck !! There's so much out there for all......for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow......

100% (4/0)
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3 years ago
I would love to remove that tingling feeling anytime call me
3 years ago
nice story