My first cock for 47 years

Having come out a few months ago, one naturally spent more and more time trying to get picked-up, hooked-up, fucked, sucked and generally treated as a true gay should be treated, - but not much happened.

One of the things I never wanted to do was to pay for it, - after all at my age and with the startling lack of talent and physical ability I had to offer that might have been the best way to go.

But nothing if not persistent, suitable web-cam, porn and dating sites were ploughed one after the other, tested, tied and cast aside, for truth is that a 74 year-old poove does not cum up to that ideal of Paradise we all seek. Or so I thought for a few long months.

One of the problems was where I lived, in the fucking desert a good distance from everywhere and not a place known for its gay-tolerance factor. Even here on xHamster I doubt if there is anyone else living in my Town.

So I went the whole hog, bared my chest, improved my photos and flashed my cock on local cam-sites, wrote as dirty as my imagination could muster, (which is much stronger than the cock itself), and sent a message on every personal site that opened up - for as my old mentor once taught me, nothing matters except that they get your name right....!

Holy of Holies, this week, over two days, there have been four direct approaches from young men who stayed by me, didn't run off scared at the first sight, and this morning I had the honour to give one of them my first suck since I was a boy. I had never realised how popular the Daddies really were.

Annus Mirabilis a beautiful 7-inch cock, strong and wonderfully straight on a tall young man of dark skin and slim muscular body, as hesitant as I to begin with but he had approached me because of age not despite it....

So I took the initiative, touched, stroked, fondled, gently kissed and slowly undressed, I sucked him deep (and chewed him just a little) and masturbated him and he came in my mouth, spunked directly down my throat and I drank down every drop....not one drop weas wasted.

We'll meet again D.V. and improve the action, move on, onwards and upwards towards Heaven.....

Watch this space.
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1 year ago
good for you. cock does taste good, no matter the age.
1 year ago
Thanks, nicely told.
2 years ago
too bad we live so far apart.
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Don't stop now that you've started. I'm looking forward to more.
3 years ago
I was 47 when I sucked my first cock. Sorry I waited so long!
3 years ago
Now that you stopped talking sexual politics you have something to qwrite about thanks its about time