Greasing the wheels

This Down Freedom Road thing, this journey of self-discovery, is taking me places I'd never dreamt of going, - porn-wise that is. I know that no-body cares a fuck, but I keep wanting to update my Profile so as to reflect what has been learnt this week...... Perhaps two steps back and a reappraisal are in order.

For example, the great leap forward was in joining the world of positive porn, - where one bares the chest (at least), comes out into the open, discusses sex, kinks and perversions with other lovely perverts, contributes an idea or two. That was the change-over from the negative porn I'd been watching secretly for years, leaving not a shred of evidence on the computer, keeping it all bottled-up in my mind to be only partly released every now and then through spurting spunk into the hand.

Now we've become so positive that I even went to the doctor for advice. And I didn't even tell myself I must be fucking crazy. I asked him openly for the little blue pills.......and he agreed.

Now again, that is gonna interest no-one, but this my therapy, and my member-page.....

For I'd suddenly found myself face-to-face with the awful fact that I hadn't fucked man, woman or b**st for some 20 years....(particular not the b**st, - nor earlier either), and that this was intolerable in light of the newly found freedom and sex-drive. Even if it might turn out to be a final putsch, a total explosion after an attempt to get into over-drive. But what a way to go !!

Does it disgust you if I ask - Do you know what it's like to have your cock back at full strength after so long ? Does it upset you if I say that I'm now working on the arse-hole, which seems to have rather rusted up and won't relax, greasing it in preparation for your thrusting penis dying to cum inside and stay there.....?

I don't care. Even us old buggers have still got rights.....

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3 years ago
i agree