bl**dy bourgoisie

When I joined this Wonderful World of Porn I was sruck by the quantity of rules and regulations, supposed etiquette and general reserve insisted upon by the organisers.....obviously they have their reasons, and I won't argue with them on that. This is their site and I must obey.

It's all terribly bourgoisie however.

BUT, - as a free man born in a free country I do insist upon having my say about it, to wit : It's a lot of old crap.

Firstly, - because all rules inhibit. Inhibition and porn simply do NOT, cannot go together. Indeed, having plowed through thousands of pieces by now I can say that the repetition quotient is appallinly high.....not in the main things, ('cos I suppose there really are limits to the number of holes four guys can fill), but in the scenario's, the direction and the filming.

There are some directors who try to be original, to blend items which don't always go together, and if we are patient with them and don't all rush on to cumming in out hands after three and half minutes flat, then one must admit that they have the right approach.

The American, Hollywood-style directors are the worst, - sorry Lads, but it's true. Their ideas of masochism and sadism are appallingly out of date. All whipping is held in dirty basements, grotty garages or outside the f****y's collapsing country cottage. Can't you have the skin whipped off your back in a Court Room or the Lobby of the Hilton Hotel with dozens looking on in awe ?

And whilst I will bow to anyone who genuinely gets turned on by the leather, (I myself love the scent of the leather thongs after all), what is the pornographic value of the straps and bits uselessly wrapped around the flogger's hands, arms and body ? This isn't a 16th century execution in Europe and no-one should be hiding their faces any more...if you feel like that, you shouldn't be here at all.

This is 2011 and we are FREE !!!

But the bourgoisie fears and hang-ups of the 1950's still follow us around and we still jump to rheir every whim....daft.

And then there is the coitus interruptus.....what is it with people that they can't fuck a cunt or an arsehole to the last drop, leaving it all up there, inside, and letting us all see it.....are you frightened that he might have your baby, Lover ? It's not as if your not wearing a condom. What in heaven's name is the etiquette here ?

The almost inevitable squirting of spunk all over the girl's or guy's face instead, as if the fuckee was quite incapable of bringing the fucker to total orgasm, just puts me off....I wouldn't mind if they got it right down the throat in the end but No, - they miss, the spunk isn't even pumped into him ot her through the alternative channel...What a waste !!

And there's something else, - something our Great Porn Leaders should take to heart and try to correct through Courses, (postal possibly), and that is in the matter of masturbation, - male. I can't really speak for female masturbation, I always feel inadequate when I contribute to it because I know I'm acting without the nerves tingling and am sometimes a boor, - I admit it.

But when it comes to my cock and your's darling, we really must improve our techniques. The old phrase of "flogging dead meat" is generous to describe the way in which we go about it and the Pornmasters display it. What's wrong with a little imagination ? Where's the long slow stoke and the finger-tip twirl at Land's End ? The attempt to get up your own arsehole ? The use of gentle aids such as feathers & brushes on the arehole itself and so on ? Aren't they manly enough for you ? Do we all have to pretend that we're 9 1/2 inches long requiring the power of a two-handed steam-hammer to get us to cum ? No. We don't.

Just a few thoughts then, - from a free man in a free country hoping that porn will itself soon become free of bourgoisie restraints and concepts and from far too strong a professionalism in a subject which has to talk to us, intimately, not dictate terms to us........

Waddya think ?

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4 years ago
i agree but with out the cum flying people would say that they were fakeing it