At Last - At Last

Well, this is the fourth and last short piece about my introduction to whipping,- or re-introduction to be exact. It's gonna get boring otherwise and anyhow, the liberation-doors have been opened and they're letting in fresh air from ALL directions.

MY WHIP ARRIVED !! It turned out to be the short one and black leather, not red.....15 strands tho', - there'd been a slight misunderstanding with the Sex Shop. Who fucking cares ?

The shop-keeper was worried. He thought I might return it and he'd lose a prospective customer with possibilities, although I'll give him credit, - when I met him later he persuaded me that he honestly cares we get the best.

My queue number at the Post Office when I went to collect it was 777 - if you're a little bity fey you'd say "That's a good sign", and all of a sudden I'm a believer in signs and omens.

Three hours latter the whip was baptised. Still a self-administered flogging, fuck it, but OMG - [say it 300 times].

15 hard ones with the right hand down across the left side of my back - 15 down across the right side with the left hand. I mean HARD, no pussy-footing or testing the fucking waters, - HARD. As hard as I wish my cock was.

The spare hand was fondling what's left of it as it reacted MOST favourably and started to twitch as it hasn't twitched for 25 years.

I whipped my own arsehole a few times, - that was fucking dreamy but had to stop. Being carried away in sex is one thing, - being carried off to hospital for ball-damage is another.

Afterwards I sat there watching porn and kissed the strands and the handle, smelt the luvverly leather, fondled myself with the hand-grip...ran the whip all over my body.....


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