Life's all about choices. And about the errors we always seem to be making. Not always of course, but there's that second thought, the correction to be made, sometimes causing a lot of unnecessary work. Like now, when I'm thinking of changing my porn-site user name....so fucking what ?

You're dead right of course. It doesn't matter a fuck. Look at all the weird combinations our friends and colleagues put together for their porn-site names. Amazing collection of the weird and the unpronouncable. Like the one I'm thinking off because it turns me on KTGD.

Bet nobody's thought of that one before. D'yer know what it means ? Anything ? Oh Yes indeedy, - it means something dear to all our hearts...

Maybe KREAM THE GODDAM' DUSTBIN, - meaning stick it deep inside my arse and leave yer cum inside me.....? No, -

Well - how about KEEP THRUSTING, GROANING AND DELIVERING your eight inches up my arse and don't stop....ever ? No, -

Then perhaps KUMMON - THAT'S GOOD DARLING, - and you're reminded of your lover every time you log in, - and your lover will love you even more for it.... ? Not that either.

It is of course, - and you all knew it but it had slipped your minds :
KISS THE GUNNER'S DAUGHTER - in front of two hundred sex-maniacs and starved sailors you're straddled across the cannon barrel - giving you the feeling of coping with the biggest cock the world has ever known, tied down so you can't move....watched avidly by 400 eyes as the touch butch Petty Officer flogs you 200 strokes across the bare back of that oooh so lovely cat o' nine tails.....

GTWL........and what's that mean ?
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3 years ago
very educatuinal thanks
4 years ago
lol should have know anchor clankers & jarheads luv the heck out-of-them