Much, much better late than never......

I wasn't sure whether to categorise these few words under BDSM or masturbation, but since all I want to say is that I am moving from older ones to much newer and brighter sexual pastures, the hope is that the BDSM will be uppermost for the future and the masturbation just there to finish off the evening. And who knows, with any luck I might even meet the right couple or the right woman, maybe even a decent piece of suck, fuck or buggery will come my way, AC-DC.

Oh my goodness !! I've never had the courage to write things like that before, although I've been secretly thinking them for years.......

The truth is that I've been fantasising for far too long but at last found the balls to do some small thing about it.

For years and years and years I never even had a computer, and then when I did, only managed to wipe out half my records by mistake and then block the damned thing by pressing the wrong key, - I never dared to go into a porn site.

But over the last five years or so the porn sites have been carefully, even delicately, visited, - trying out hundreds of them but then abandoning when they no longer caused my tired old cock even to twitch a little.

Recently, I started to be a bit braver, and signed-up monthly subscriptions for sites which promised wonderful and everlasting sexual contentment through the screen.......but they've also not lasted.

I'd often noticed xHamster lately but to tell you the truth found the name, -the idea of the hamster, - so cute and friendly that I never thought to join it for the sex.......but was wrong again of course.

So I joined it not so long ago, (actually it was yesterday), and have already gone the whole hog - porn-wise. Joined the chat-room, started this writing, disclosed far too much about myself on the Profile and have left my fingerprints on every site available........

But the important thing is that in doing this I've become braver and braver, first looking for whipping scenes and spanking, - no torture, no funny leather get-ups and no weird tying-up like ropes on a sailing ship..... - just the bull-whip, the paddle, canes, riding-crops and my definite favourite, the cat o' nine tails.......and oh my god I'm all atremble still.

So much so that today I ordered myself a whip by e-mail.....15 strands, leather, black and long.......they rang me up after a couple of hours to say that they didn't have that one in stock, but they had a red one, fifteen strands too with a penis for the handle.....and it'll be here tomorrow. The really good part was that I was able to discuss the comparative worth and technical details of the whips and ask concise, intelligent questions about it on the phone, - openly, happily, cheerfully.....

MY MASOCHISM IS OUT OF THE CUPBOARD - the Heavens be praised !!!

It'll be self-satisfaction to begin with, but still a vast improvement on the belts and other funny contraptions I used to put together so that I could whip myself without making too much noise and disturb the hell with all that !! If they don't like the noise they can join in and help me out.......

And if things go on at this rate, I'll find a bi-couple to play with too, - to experience at last other fantasies which have been simmering in there for so many years. for far too long, and never let out........

It's going to be much, much better cuming late than never.....

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3 years ago
Thanks...very erotic story!
4 years ago
I'm looking foreward to how well you develope with this new and more daring side of you good luck hope you have many orgasums
4 years ago
Thanks for letting me have your's really encouraging to see how much is produced on the all so important subject of sex and from all ages, all angles, all aspects. It also helps keep me pecker up too.
4 years ago
interesting you growth