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Fuck that for a lark !!

Not a phrase many would use these days, - but in my time it was an effective way of saying how finally pissed-off one was with this or that. And in this particular case pissed-off with the low success quotient, the negative Return on my recent efforts at kinky gay public sex.....

I dinna' have a clue what's happened because up to 6 months ago I was goin' with the flo' and cumming here and there, taking it in both holes, swallowing my desert, generally getting out of it everything I dreamed of. But all has dried up.

Not all - the Heavens be praised !! I can still shoot a load, but nothing's cumming back in my direction...my mouth is no longer sticky with salty protein juices and my arse is siliconed only for the new 6-incher I bought....a hardly satisfying alternative to the wriggling, hot and sperming real thing.

I try to get to Town for a dirty week-end every month, - at least once. I was there this weekend, but have returned home in self-disgust....which, by the way, is a golden opportunity for some-one to take the flogger most seriously to my back, my other particularly quaint little passion.

I'd reserved myself a place in a S&M club for Thursday night - a first visit to such an emporium as it happens. At last, a chance to see how the professionals flay you......but nada, nothing, sterility reigned. Although one girl exhibited taking the flogger and another subjected herself to being trussed up, the flogging was totally sexless. The beautiful bum was clothed artistically in pink, - her back untouched. The main actor was the very hefty Lady showing excellent wrist-work but not too much passion. As if she was waiting for approval from the on-lookers after every stroke....but I was the only onlooker.

Every-one else was dressed kinky, acted kinky, pretended kinky and danced just as they asll dance in all night-clubs.....but where was the whipping ? There was not even the possibility of offering myself : No amateurs needed. So it was all theatre, no sex, no hurt, no passion.....no cuming.

So at 02.30 hours I moved on to the Spa, where I've always had a good time in the past, patience being the virtue. I displayed both it and my wares, - but again - nada.

Watching waving cocks passing under your nose, - (it depends where you choose to sit and splay your legs, fondling yourself anbd putting all on display), - left me frustrated....a few touch-ups, at which I regard myself as being expertly gentle and encouraging, were rejected out of hand and even the guys in the hammock weren't interested is sucking my miserably ignored cock....

What have I done wrong ?

Posted by dandrew1 2 years ago
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