It is always the quiet ones 2 (back door man)

......our first weekend in the sack did infact turn out to be a bit of a regular occurence.She was always eager for more. At that time I had'nt had sex in a few months and i think she had not had any since her last boyfriend a couple of years previous.
Although I had nt fucked in a while i was never 24 hrs away from a wank.
She was a daddys-girl without question. She always had that nice girl facade and was eager to please.
She took to wearing skirts without knickers ,as she knew this got me hard. It was a nice surprise meeting up with her and then flashing her pussy at me in public. There were times when I was not then only one who enjoyed the view!
By now, I was at her place most nights.
On one particular evening i arrived late at her place. she was in bed(naked as always) at the time. I let myself in the back door with the spare key.
I knew she was awake,but she pretended to be asl**p and had her back to me in bed. I also knew that she was pretending to be mad at my late arrival!
I was (horney, as always) in no mood for discussion, so without any messing about, I got my clothes off and got into bed.
I got under the duvet,pulled her legs apart.
There was a brief moment of resitance but that instantly passed as i kissed her inner thigh.
I teased her,pushed her onto her back licked all around her pussy and occasionally brushed her clit with my nose. She arched her back, raising herself, signalling that she wanted my tongue to enter her properly.
I obliged and pushed my tongue as far as it would go, her soft sticky insides tasted great....i wanted more. I lowered my hands beneath her buttocks and raised her higher off the bed. The extra height gave me greater penetration and i practically had my chin inside her while my top lip rubbed her clit.
I face-fucked her...'til she came.
Her pussy was a hot wet sticky mess. Just the way i like it. So without invitation i slid my rock-hard cock into her.
It was greatfully recieved and we soon hit a high tempo. Her pussy felt great and I was eager to shoot my load.
I grabbed her ankles and pushed them back over her head, almost folding her in half.
Our well lubricated groins seemed to fit perfectly as we gyrated. My cock was as far inside her as possible when I came and I held it there as I pumped my spunk up her.
There she lay on the bed. I watched as my cum dribbled slowly from her pussy, and over her arse and onto the bed. She just lay there in a growing puddle of our combined cum with a satisfield look on her face.
It was shortly after this, laying in bed that she asked me
"what about Anal sex?"
It was a pretty open-ended question and I knew from experience that some girls just dont play that way!
I also knew i was onto a good thing with this girl and did nt want to fuck it all up and freak her out with my cock up her arse. Although the thought of fucking her this way aroused me lots.
I knew i must tread carefully so side stepped the question
"It's y'know, sex in the arse, some people enjoy it, some people dont!"
She seemed dissapointed at my non-commited answer, but left it there.
At 2 AM she woke me up with her hands on my cock. She stroked it and squeezed it until she felt it hard and then let it go.
I barley opened my eyes...i knew what she wanted and i wasnt going to dissapoint.
I climbed on top of her and pawed at her pussy. She was still sticky and half full of cum, so sliding my cock into pussy was easy. I fucked her fast and hard. She wrapped her long legs around me, as if to keep me in place. She held me there for a second then pulled me close as if to kiss me, but instead whispered. "Will you fuck me up the arse?"
She must have felt my cock harded when she said this.
I kissed her as I withdrew my cock. My hands wandered down over her already soaking sticky pussy and i fingered her.I then rubbed my fingers over her arse hole, which was already well lubricated from our combined juices. I caressed the entrance before pushing first one finger then two just inside her. She breathed heavy as i did this and I made to withdraw but she reached for my arm, held me in place and encouraged me to go further. I worked my two fingers as far into her tight arse hole as possible. She groaned as i did this but knew she wanted me to continue. I fingered her arse hole for a little while then she decided it was time for my cock.
"Fuck my arse" she said.
She lay on her back and i put her legs on my shoulders. She reached round and grabbed my cock and guided me towards her arse hole. I paused for dramatic effect before pushing my cock inside her.
She groaned louder than before, A mix of pain and pleasure, but i was not going to stop now. I pushed my cock half way in before withdrawing and pushing it in again. Slowly at first and never giving her more than half my cock I began to fuck her arse hole.
She got the rhythm and moved her self as I thrust forward. I began to give her a little more cock with each thrust and her eyes widened each time i did so.
She was clawing at my chest as we fucked. Her once virgin-arse clenched around my hard throbbing cock as faster and faster we fucked until i shot my load inside her for the second time that night.

For the next month she asked to be fucked in the arse every time we had sex.
I did not dissapoint....and she got kinkier too!

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2 years ago
hope your still giving her a good seeing too
3 years ago
True story