Little Red Riding Skirt: The Bar

I have this skirt that I love wearing. It makes me feel incredibly sexy in how it flows when I saunter across a room. The material is smooth and feels sensual against my ass and thighs. This skirt of mine is bright red, and I generally wear it when I feel extra naughty.

Not too long ago, I wore the skirt out to my neighborhood bar. I'm in there fairly often, and it's a nice place with an outdoor deck and a great staff of bartenders. I hung out with some friends who frequent the bar and chatted for a while, as I indulged in some of my favorite beverages.

Later in the evening, after deeply enjoying several Jack and Cokes, I noticed my good friend Alex open the door and walk into the bar. He had always flirted with me when I had a boyfriend, but I was single now. I loved teasing him when I was with my ex, and I was really curious about what he might be like in bed.

He saw me and walked right over to say hello. I greeted Alex by giving him a tight hug. I leaned into him, pressing my breasts and nipples into his chest, and inhaled him, fully. As he sat down on the bar stool next to me, I caught Alex soaking in the shape of my body; his eyes lingering at my skirt. We caught up on a few things, and he bought me a drink. Alex was flirting with me, just the way he did when I was with my ex, but I had no guilt of a lover somewhere to hold me back now.

I flirted back with Alex as heavily as I'd drank.

I put my hand on his thigh, and squeezed it when he made me laugh at an old joke we shared. I commented on how his hair had grown since I saw him last, and ran my fingers through it. I knew I was a little tipsy, but that didn't matter. I was dizzy with his scent, and the power of my little red skirt was taking over me.

Slowly, everyone at the bar faded away. I found myself leaning in to him and speaking softer, slower and biting my lip when I waited for his responses. After a few minutes I leaned in as far as I would dare. I turned my head around to the side of Alex's face, close enough for my lips to touch his ear, and whispered in Alex's ear that I always thought he was sexy.

After the last heavy breath of that whisper, I felt Alex's hand on my thigh, slipping under the tender fabric of my skirt. A wicked grin came across my face as I moved my body closer to his hand, and he discovered I decided to forgo underwear that day. His eyes caught my grin, and took that as a signal to slip a finger between the my pussy lips. I took a sip of the drink he'd bought for me as I looked at Alex, innocently.

I could tell he was delighted to find that I had gotten so wet simply from our flirting. He used his finger to spread my lips apart, and rubbed another finger through the sweet, wet places he was searching for. I let a gentle moan slip from my lips as he lingered over top of my clit, massaging it slowly.

I put my hand back on Alex's thigh, and moved my hand up to his groin, where I discovered a throbbing cock begging to escape his jeans. I ran my hand up against it, while I feigned small talk. Alex appreciated my attention to him, and showed me by slipping a finger into my wet pussy. He responded to my small talk by answering my question with a question. I responded as best I could, occasionally giving in to an urge to moan.

My favorite bartender walked past us, and asked me directly if I needed anything. I told her no thank you, and that I had everything I needed at the moment. She looked at Alex and back at me, and walked away with out even a second glance.
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2 years ago
....and then what happened?
3 years ago
I can almost feel your moist, smell the juice of your wet and ready pussy.

How did the situation progress?

big hug from the navyguy
3 years ago
The only thing missing was a woman's "touch" *wink*
3 years ago
a good one
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
sexy story