Guess I'll let you suck my dick!

I pulled into a rest area with a full bladder, and drove into the picnic area. I did not want to go into the rest rooms dressed as slutty as I was, and not really passable, at close range anyway.
I'd been driving dressed for hours and loving the attention of onlooking truckers checking out my legs. I'd been listening to their comments on a portable cb radio, and having a blast. So, i figured a quick pee in private in the picnic area and then I'd be back on the road for more fun. As I finished doing my business and was getting back into the car, I was startled by a man approaching and calling out to "wait just a minute please!" He was a nice looking older guy with a big belly and a big smile. He introduced himself as Bob, and said he was a trucker who had enjoyed my flashing on the road. I was nervous and answered in my normal male voice, that I'm Dana and I'm glad that he enjoyed. He said, " Oh, I didn't realize that you were not a girl until just now". He looked disappointed and a bit puzzled. I said, "Sorry, I hope you're not offended, I was just having a little fun." He smiled real big and said, "that's okay, it was fun for me too!" We chatted a few minutes making small talk and he suddenly said, "Guess I'll let you suck my dick."
I said," really?, here?" There was no one around and the idea of doing this out in the open was very risky and cool. I sat on the bench at a picnic table and he sat on the table in front of me. I took him into my mouth and had a sweet cum lunch. After he came, he rewarded me by raising my skirt and feeling my ass cheeks and gave me a few little spanks. I was so worked up that I pulled my little sissy clit out of my g-string and shot my own load into my hand and ate that too.
He thanked me for the blowjob and we parted. I went back on the road and continued my leg flashing as before, but with a much bigger smile for the rest of the trip! This was long ago, but Bob, if you ever read this....thanks again!
97% (25/1)
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1 year ago
I love to drive dressed although it has been too long since I have. I love your stories, Dana. They are exactly like the ones I dream of.
Keep posting your stories. Hugs Terri :)
2 years ago
I like to meet you i at rest area!
2 years ago
Yummmmmmm.....VERY sweet!!
2 years ago
short and sweet!