car fun!

Some years ago, I had overnight business travel and I cross-dressed in my motel rooms after hours. I had some married men that I met online that would come see me when I was in their towns, and get some sweet head from me on their way home from work or whatever. One of my regular hookups, named Frank, pulled into the motel parking lot late one afternoon and looked up and saw me on the balcony. I was in a mini dress; heels and all dolled up, waiting for him, but was just getting a little "exposure" time in, as I waited. When Frank came in he said that he could tell that I was into being seen and he wondered if I was up for going for a ride for a little while, as he had plenty of time that evening before he was expected home. I was thrilled to walk arm and arm with him through the lobby and to his car. There were several men milling about in the lobby and parking lot, and my long legs were turning some heads! Frank suggested I ride in the back seat so that as we passed truckers on the interstate they'd have optimum views. It wasn't long before we had some truck horns blowing as we passed them, obviously wanting a longer look. Frank rode alongside one very enthusiastic trucker for a while, as there was not much traffic at that time. I turned toward the trucker, letting my dress go all the way up and put my hand on my little tucked package in my g-string, so that he knew i was turned on by having him voyeur me. Frank kept telling me how sexy I was and that the trucker obviously agreed and was motioning for more and more. I was so turned on by this that I just took off my little dress and was displayed in only g-string, bra, heels, and thigh high hose. My g-string was soaking wet, but I was still well tucked, and the trucker surely thought it was a sexy female showing for him. After a few minutes Frank told me the trucker was holding a paper in the window that begged us to pull over. I asked Frank for a pen and paper and he produced a pad and a sharpie marker. I made a little sign that said,"I'm not a woman, but a sissy cross-dresser. I put that in the window for the trucker to read.
He kept showing interest and keeping pace with us, and Frank said he was still motioning to please pull over. We came to a rest area, and i asked Frank what he thought. He said he thought we should pull into it and meet the man. I quickly agreed, and so we did. We found a picnic area to park near and we got out and went to a table. The trucker soon joined us and in less than two minutes I sat on the little bench and had both of these men's cocks in my face. So I sat there scantily clad in semi-public and sucked them both. I was so thrilled from the sex and the risk that I came in my g-string, hand free! What a sexy evening this was! Frank drove me back and walked me to my room and kissed me good night. I could not thank him enough for the ride of my life!
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6 months ago
I love the feeling of cumming as I am being ass fucked by a thick cock! It is always such an intense orgasm!
1 year ago
Wow another fantastic and erotic story, Dana
1 year ago
wow that was really hot!
2 years ago
very hot! Love that trucker cock. soooo smellly and nasty...such thick cumloads.
3 years ago
thats so hot, the thril of meeting people in rest stops and being naked...
3 years ago
Very hot. Lucky gurl and guys!