unnecessary roughness

Some years back, I was on an overnight business trip. I would often crossdress in my motel room to entertain myself and practice looking sexy. I could pass as a real woman from a distance but not so much up close. I'd been strutting around in a short a****l print dress and platform heels, admiring myself in the mirror and occasionally walking around outside my room in the motel parking lot. There was a convenience store/gas station next to the motel, and I kept walking over toward it, daring to be seen by people filling their tanks, etc. Late that night I decided that I just had to go over to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes. I knew the clerk would know that I was a man in drag, but I dared myself to go anyway, when the store parking lot was empty. The clerk looked at me strangely enough, but politely handled the transaction, so I put the cigarettes in my handbag and walked on out. As I walked out the door, three men in a pick up truck pulled up in front of the store and watched me stroll back toward the motel. I could hear them whistling and talking loudly. I heard one say " that's one sexy fuckin' sissy". I was a bit scared but just kept walking. I was overtaken before I got to my room by them. They kind of shoved me back and forth from on to the other, saying things like" He-She wants your dick" and "Go on, kiss her, show her some love". These guys were rednecks and smelling of beer. They were in their 40's I'd guess. I was petrified as they passed me around and made fun of me. Then they started daring one another to grab my fake titties, and my ass. One of them said, "I ain't no fuckin' queer, you do it"
I said, "Guys, please. I don't want any trouble. Please just let me go." One of them said, "Let's make he/she suck our dicks. I was still utterly scared to death, but somehow turned on at the thought of it. I said, " It wouldn't make ya'll queer. You could just enjoy getting blown". They all looked at each other questioningly. So I went into flirt mode, smiling and running my finger over my lips while looking at their crotches. One started rubbing his hands over my ass, then the others joined in. Now I was in charge. I said," Come on into my room and get naked for me, won't you? Let me make you all cum in my sissy mouth. I promise not to bite." Smiling, I got my key out of my bag and headed toward the door. They followed me like puppies. They were a bit rough, grabbing my head and grinding into my face, but I gave it all I've got. Two of the guys came in my mouth and one finished up by spraying his jizz all over my upturned ass while I was sucking the other two. Then they left. Still shaking, I finally had that smoke.
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6 months ago
Wow, you turned a what could have been a bad situation into a hot suck and ass fuck fest! Congrats!
2 years ago
Fun time!!
2 years ago
very hot again!!! did anyone cum back on their own?
3 years ago
Good Girl!
3 years ago
I still liked this story thanks