big man sandwich

I was staying at a motel which was predominately frequented by businessmen. Well into the evening, I'd showered and shaved all over. I put on a pair of very short white shorts and a tight fitting tank top; mixed a drink and strolled down to the pool area. I just sat down in a lounge chair and was enjoying the warm evening. I was the only one out there at first, but after a little while I heard voices nearby. I looked up, just above me there were two men on their 2nd floor balcony talking and having cocktails. I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes. I started to focus in on their conversation. It occurred to me that they were discussing my body; my long legs and shoulder length hair. They were actually talking about what a pretty sissy I was. That made me feel really good. I got up and went to a nearby ice machine and refilled my glass and was walking back to where I'd been sitting, perhaps swishing a bit with my walk since I knew i was being admired. Before I sat back down they called down to me, asking if I'd like to come up and join them. I couldn't really see them in the shadows, but they sounded very friendly so I said, Thank you, and yes! When I got to their door, it was propped open by the deadbolt, so I just walked on in and on out to the balcony. The two men were beckoning me to sit at the little table at an empty chair between them. The first thing I noticed were that these two were very large rotund men. The second thing I noticed was that they were naked! WOW! One offered to pour a little bourbon into my glass of ice, and the other said , Join us please. For a number of reasons I felt completely at ease and very welcomed, so before sitting down, I very quickly took off what little clothes I was wearing. We made some small talk and introduced ourselves as we sipped on bourbon, and as we talked these two big men had their hands on me very gently stroking my smooth legs; my torso, and occasionally my small smooth sissy package. I was in heaven with all their attentions! We soon moved to the bed and I was surrounded by two big bellied hairy gentlemen who were showering me with kisses and caresses all over my body. All three of us had small cocks. There were not likely 12" between the three of us. That actually put me at ease all the more and I ate up ever minute of being the meat in a big man sandwich! I licked and sucked both men's cocks and balls to their delight. Then they took turns having my asspussy while I sucked the other. Both of these gentlemen were heavy cummers and I fully enjoyed swallowing up every drop; freely taking their cocks from ass to mouth. When i came, my own cum was snowballed back into my mouth so I had the pleasure of swallowing all the cum that the three of us let loose in our glorious session. To this day I often fantasize about big men with small cocks, and all that manflesh all over me. It still makes me hot!
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11 days ago
1 month ago
Being a big guy with an average cock, I really enjoyed this and will "use it" in my next fantasy session 8-)
6 months ago
That was such a hot encounter! Made my limp cock super hard! Thanks.
7 months ago
Such a lucky gurl you are.
9 months ago
that sounds wonderful!
9 months ago
I have never dressed (although I have had a couple of men dress me up)but I can remember many a night I have spent in a motel room with older men with small cocks and enjoyed every minute especially if there were 2 or 3 men present and using me like a fuck doll.
10 months ago
Which motel was that again? 8-)
1 year ago
Would like to be one of those boys.
1 year ago
That why I love small cocks
1 year ago
Excellent story Dana. I wish I would have an experience like that.
Hugs, Terir
1 year ago
love mans belly on me
1 year ago
I love big men and small cocks too!
2 years ago
Great story, thx.
2 years ago
Another great story!
2 years ago
i love to be a sissy for big men