Gift of a blowjob

Some years back when I was younger and occasionally crossdressed, I was staying in a motel out of state. My room was on the second floor and had a full floor to ceiling window overlooking the parking lot. I was dolled up very sexy, and drinking wine. It was early evening but already dark. I noticed a man walking around the next building several times, and as he'd come around his walk placed him walking straight towards me. I think he was just walking for exercise. I thought he might be a good candidate for me to tease a bit, so I watched until he came around again and stood in the window with all my lights on. I had a zip up the front, short sexy black dress on. Underneath, a tiny black g-string, garter belt and bra with thigh high fishnet stockings. He saw me looking out at him and smiled as he passed by. When he came back around the next time, I had removed my dress and had put some music on. I danced in front of the window as he approached, and he stopped to watch. I was loving the attention and my moves were seductive. I knew I was turning him on. Soon, I saw him walking to the door of my building....he was coming up! I got a note ready and when he knocked, I slid it under the door. My note said," I'm not a real woman, but am a sissy crossdresser. If you knock again, I will open the door. His knock was immediate, and so I did.

This man was probably near 60, pot bellied, and bald. I thought he looked a bit like the cartoon character of Bill on King of the Hill. We chatted a bit and he was very nervous. He said his wife had died 6 yrs back and he hadn't had any sex at all since then. And he'd never seen anyone like me before. He had been convinced that he was coming up to see a female and was surprised, but hardly revolted. I told him I'd love to relieve him of his backed up pressure, and promised him that I'd not turn him gay. In fact, I said, that he need not even see or touch my little package, but I'd gladly give him pleasure. He relaxed a bit as I undressed him completely and laid him back on the bed. I danced some more for him as he gratefully watched. Then I crawled in bed with him and caressed his hairy body all over and planted kisses all over him as well. His cock was at full attention the whole time, as i licked his nipples, and touched him everywhere. He moaned as I licked and kissed his ass, but spread his cheeks for me as I darted my tongue on his bud. He was putty in my hands. Finally I engulfed his hardon into my mouth. He was so turned on that he shot his load very quickly as I eagerly swallowed every drop. I continued loving his body for a while after until he said he was exhausted and needed to go sl**p, so he dressed to leave. I kissed him as he left and told him if he has another need before morning to call my room and I'd give him some more of my attentions. He was such a sweet man. I wished that he would have returned, but that was the end.
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6 months ago
I love your short stories! They are packed with such eroticism and so hot to read. I hate novels; but yours are just right and filled with hot reading. Thank you. Kisses baby.
9 months ago
you're too kind, Sir!
9 months ago
Love your stories! Very sexy reading
1 year ago
sad that he didn't come back.
1 year ago
another great story. We sure have similar tastes in teasing :)
2 years ago
hot story..I bet you wack off to this from time 2 time..
2 years ago
Too bad; it's a very nice story.
2 years ago
What a sweet story!
2 years ago
very good loved it :)
2 years ago
I like this story wish it could have happened to me