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Question to discuss:
what turns you on

You: seeing a wet shaved pussy

Stranger: i have a wet shaved pussy ;)

You: hot :)

You: what turns you on?

Stranger: when my pussy gets licked ;)

You: do you like 69? :)

Stranger: oh yes

You: lets do it :) my cock is hard :)

Stranger: i so would!

You: which name shall i moan?

Stranger: my name is nora ;)

You: hi nora :)

You: im paul

Stranger: omg i love that name

You: btw how old are you?

Stranger: 18 :)

Stranger: you?

You: 17

Stranger: how big is your cock?

You: in inch or cm?

Stranger: cm :)

You: 18

Stranger: oh wow

Stranger: id suck that

You: yeah :)

You: bra size?

Stranger: double d without joking ;)

You: fuck :O i love

Stranger: say paul

Stranger: would you like to do it anal with me?

You: yes if you tell me from where are you?

Stranger: im from the uk and you?

You: germany

Stranger: dammit :)

Stranger: where in germanyß

Stranger: ?

You: south

You: wanna see a pic of my cock?

Stranger: sure ;)


Stranger: i only have this pic of me at the moment


You: thats me!

Stranger: id ride that cock so hard

You: like vaginal?

Stranger: sure :)

Stranger: what ever you want babe

You: are u fingering ur tight pussy?

Stranger: yes im so horny babe

You: fisting?

Stranger: no my pussy is very tight :P

You: how many fingers?

Stranger: 2

You: can i have another pic?

Stranger: sure but you have to wait ok? :)

You: okay :)

You: how often do you had sex? how often anal??

Stranger: like 3 times lol and never anal i want to try


Stranger: this pic ok?

You: lets try together :)

You: oh yes :)

You: but could i get one with ass and vagina?? :*

Stranger: i have one in my bikini

You: yes :)


You: if youre one time in KARLSRUHE, mail me im fuck ur ass :)

Stranger: i will babe!

You: thats in Hockenheim!!!

You: that picture is made in hockenheim!

Stranger: lol what where?

You: this bikini pic where is it made?

Stranger: somewhere in austria i was there last summer

You: oh sorry

You: its perfekt

Stranger: lol no problem ;)

Stranger: some places look alike ;)

You: are u moaning?

Stranger: a lil ;)

Stranger: i wanna suck your dick babe

You: had ever squirt?

Stranger: no

You: feeled sperm in ur pussy

Stranger: no everytime with condom ;)

You: in mouth?

Stranger: no lol

You: where do you wanna have my cum??

Stranger: id like it in my pussy

You: i cum now

Stranger: oh yea babe

You: pls email me or add me on xhamster :)

Stranger: i will babe ;) dont worry

Stranger: i want your dick in my ass

You: i promise i will!

Stranger: :)
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